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Publications indexed to the term Lamivudine

1Simplified maintenance therapy with abacavir/lamivudine and atazanavir after discontinuation of ritonavir. (Elion R, Berger D, Richmond G, Sension M, Dejesus E, Cimoch P, St Clair M, Yau L, Ha B, Col102060 Study Team) HIV Clin Trials 2010;11(3):170-3       4 Citations
1Determining the relative efficacy of highly active antiretroviral therapy. (Louie M, Hogan C, Di Mascio M, Hurley A, Simon V, Rooney J, Ruiz N, Brun S, Sun E, Perelson AS, Ho DD, Markowitz M) J Infect Dis 2003 Mar 15;187(6):896-900       82 Citations