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Publications indexed to the term Four-Dimensional Computed Tomography

14-Dimensional computed tomography-based ventilation and compliance images for quantification of radiation-induced changes in pulmonary function. (Sharifi H, Brown S, McDonald GC, Chetty IJ, Zhong H) J Med Imaging Radiat Oncol 2019 Jun;63(3):370-377       5 Citations
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3A fast 4D IMRT/VMAT planning method based on segment aperture morphing. (Klawikowski S, Tai A, Ates O, Ahunbay E, Li XA) Med Phys 2018 Apr;45(4):1594-1602       4 Citations
1Optical computed tomography for spatially isotropic four-dimensional imaging of live single cells. (Kelbauskas L, Shetty R, Cao B, Wang KC, Smith D, Wang H, Chao SH, Gangaraju S, Ashcroft B, Kritzer M, Glenn H, Johnson RH, Meldrum DR) Sci Adv 2017 Dec;3(12):e1602580       10 Citations
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1Audio-visual biofeedback does not improve the reliability of target delineation using maximum intensity projection in 4-dimensional computed tomography radiation therapy planning. (Lu W, Neuner GA, George R, Wang Z, Sasor S, Huang X, Regine WF, Feigenberg SJ, D'Souza WD) Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys 2014 Jan 01;88(1):229-35       8 Citations
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