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Mesh term MutL Proteins

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Adenosine Triphosphatases
DNA Repair Enzymes
DNA-Binding Proteins


DNA repair proteins that include the bacterial MutL protein and its eukaryotic homologs. They consist of a conserved N-terminal region with weak ATPase activity, an endonuclease motif, and a C-terminal domain that forms MutL homodimers or heterodimers between MLH1 and the PMS1, MISMATCH REPAIR ENDONUCLEASE PMS2; or MLH3 proteins. These complexes function in DNA repair pathways, primarily DNA MISMATCH REPAIR, where MutL/MLH1 and the MUTS DNA MISMATCH-BINDING PROTEIN are targeted to damaged DNA.

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Mismatch Repair Endonuclease PMS2
MutL Protein Homolog 1

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