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Mesh term Central Nervous System Agents

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Therapeutic Uses


A class of drugs producing both physiological and psychological effects through a variety of mechanisms. They can be divided into "specific" agents, e.g., affecting an identifiable molecular mechanism unique to target cells bearing receptors for that agent, and "nonspecific" agents, those producing effects on different target cells and acting by diverse molecular mechanisms. Those with nonspecific mechanisms are generally further classed according to whether they produce behavioral depression or stimulation. Those with specific mechanisms are classed by locus of action or specific therapeutic use. (From Gilman AG, et al., Goodman and Gilman's The Pharmacological Basis of Therapeutics, 8th ed, p252)

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Abuse-Deterrent Formulations
Adjuvants, Anesthesia
Alcohol Deterrents
Anti-Dyskinesia Agents
Anti-Obesity Agents
Antitussive Agents
Central Nervous System Depressants
Central Nervous System Stimulants
Muscle Relaxants, Central
Narcotic Antagonists
Neuroprotective Agents
Nootropic Agents
Psychotropic Drugs

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