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David A. Nelson PhD

David A. Nelson PhD profile photo picture

Associate Professor

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Family Medicine
Division: Research
Program: Medical Effectiveness Research Center

Member of the Cancer Center
Member of the Cardiovascular Center

Publications (9)

  • Towards a practical model for community engagement: Advancing the art and science in academic health centers. (Ahmed SM, Neu Young S, DeFino MC, Franco Z, Nelson DA) J Clin Transl Sci 2017 Oct;1(5):310-315 PMID: 29707251 PMCID: PMC5915810 05/01/2018    
  • Why Parents Seek Care for Acute Illness in the Clinic or the ED: The Role of Health Literacy. (May M, Brousseau DC, Nelson DA, Flynn KE, Wolf MS, Lepley B, Morrison AK) Acad Pediatr 2018 04;18(3):289-296 PMID: 28625711 PMCID: PMC5732897 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85028331804 06/20/2017       13 Citations
  • Patient perceptions of weight loss: Implications for patients, providers, and trainees. (Nelson DA, Ruffalo LA, Dyer AJ, Nelson KH) Int J Psychiatry Med 2016 05;51(4):325-36 PMID: 27497453 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-84982947754 08/09/2016       6 Citations
  • Using group model building to understand factors that influence childhood obesity in an urban environment. (Nelson DA, Simenz CJ, O╩╝Connor SP, Greer YD, Bachrach AL, Shields T, Fuller BA, Horrigan K, Pritchard K, Springer JB, Meurer JR) J Public Health Manag Pract 2015 May-Jun;21 Suppl 3:S74-8 PMID: 25828225 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-84988700961 04/02/2015       8 Citations
  • Towards Building a Bridge between Community Engagement in Research (CEnR) and Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER). (Ahmed SM, Nelson D, Kissack A, Franco Z, Whittle J, Kotchen T, Meurer JR, Morzinski J, Brandenburg T) Clin Transl Sci 2015 Apr;8(2):160-5 PMID: 25441215 PMCID: PMC4405400 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-84928069108 12/03/2014       4 Citations
  • Using AI to understand key success features in evolving CTSAs. (Kusch JD, Nelson DA, Simpson D, Gerrits R, Glass L) Clin Transl Sci 2013 Aug;6(4):314-6 PMID: 23919368 PMCID: PMC3929127 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-84890857036 08/08/2013       1 Citation
  • Faculty perceptions of how community-engaged research is valued in tenure, promotion, and retention decisions. (Nokes KM, Nelson DA, McDonald MA, Hacker K, Gosse J, Sanford B, Opel S) Clin Transl Sci 2013 Aug;6(4):259-66 PMID: 23919360 PMCID: PMC3740454 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-84890839987 08/08/2013       7 Citations
  • Using fotonovelas to promote healthy eating in a Latino community. (Hinojosa MS, Nelson D, Hinojosa R, Delgado A, Witzack B, Gonzalez M, Elliott W, Steiner J, Fontanez M, Farias R) Am J Public Health 2011 Feb;101(2):258-9 PMID: 21228292 PMCID: PMC3020205 01/14/2011       7 Citations
  • Salud de la mujer: using fotonovelas to increase health literacy among Latinas. (Sberna Hinojosa M, Hinojosa R, Nelson DA, Delgado A, Witzack B, Gonzalez M, Farias R, Ahmed S, Meurer L) Prog Community Health Partnersh 2010;4(1):25-30 PMID: 20364075 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-77953692225 04/07/2010       13 Citations
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