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Krista Lisdahl PhD

Krista Lisdahl PhD profile photo picture

Assistant Professor

Institution: University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Department: Psychology

Member of the Neuroscience Research Center

Publications (26)

  • Impact of ADHD and cannabis use on executive functioning in young adults. (Tamm L, Epstein JN, Lisdahl KM, Molina B, Tapert S, Hinshaw SP, Arnold LE, Velanova K, Abikoff H, Swanson JM, MTA Neuroimaging Group) Drug Alcohol Depend 2013 Dec 01;133(2):607-14 PMID: 23992650 PMCID: PMC3820098 09/03/2013       40 Citations
  • Dare to delay? The impacts of adolescent alcohol and marijuana use onset on cognition, brain structure, and function. (Lisdahl KM, Gilbart ER, Wright NE, Shollenbarger S) Front Psychiatry 2013;4:53 PMID: 23847550 PMCID: PMC3696957 07/13/2013    
  • Serotonin transporter gene moderates associations between mood, memory and hippocampal volume. (Price JS, Strong J, Eliassen J, McQueeny T, Miller M, Padula CB, Shear P, Lisdahl K) Behav Brain Res 2013 Apr 01;242:158-65 PMID: 23266326 PMCID: PMC4433017 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-84872470159 12/26/2012       28 Citations
  • Recent binge drinking predicts smaller cerebellar volumes in adolescents. (Lisdahl KM, Thayer R, Squeglia LM, McQueeny TM, Tapert SF) Psychiatry Res 2013 Jan 30;211(1):17-23 PMID: 23154095 PMCID: PMC3670762 11/17/2012       66 Citations
  • Increased marijuana use and gender predict poorer cognitive functioning in adolescents and emerging adults. (Lisdahl KM, Price JS) J Int Neuropsychol Soc 2012 Jul;18(4):678-88 PMID: 22613255 PMCID: PMC3956124 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-84863706641 05/23/2012       75 Citations
  • Gender effects on amygdala morphometry in adolescent marijuana users. (McQueeny T, Padula CB, Price J, Medina KL, Logan P, Tapert SF) Behav Brain Res 2011 Oct 10;224(1):128-34 PMID: 21664935 PMCID: PMC3139567 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-79959534689 06/15/2011       85 Citations
  • Impact of Adolescent Alcohol and Drug Use on Neuropsychological Functioning in Young Adulthood: 10-Year Outcomes. (Hanson KL, Medina KL, Padula CB, Tapert SF, Brown SA) J Child Adolesc Subst Abuse 2011 Jan 01;20(2):135-154 PMID: 21532924 PMCID: PMC3083020 05/03/2011    
  • The influence of recency of use on fMRI response during spatial working memory in adolescent marijuana users. (Schweinsburg AD, Schweinsburg BC, Medina KL, McQueeny T, Brown SA, Tapert SF) J Psychoactive Drugs 2010 Sep;42(3):401-12 PMID: 21053763 PMCID: PMC3016644 11/09/2010       65 Citations
  • Longitudinal study of cognition among adolescent marijuana users over three weeks of abstinence. (Hanson KL, Winward JL, Schweinsburg AD, Medina KL, Brown SA, Tapert SF) Addict Behav 2010 Nov;35(11):970-6 PMID: 20621421 PMCID: PMC2933185 07/14/2010       118 Citations
  • Hippocampal volumes in adolescents with and without a family history of alcoholism. (Hanson KL, Medina KL, Nagel BJ, Spadoni AD, Gorlick A, Tapert SF) Am J Drug Alcohol Abuse 2010 May;36(3):161-7 PMID: 20465374 PMCID: PMC3891832 05/15/2010       44 Citations
  • Abnormal cerebellar morphometry in abstinent adolescent marijuana users. (Medina KL, Nagel BJ, Tapert SF) Psychiatry Res 2010 May 30;182(2):152-9 PMID: 20413277 PMCID: PMC2866789 04/24/2010       91 Citations
  • Prefrontal cortex morphometry in abstinent adolescent marijuana users: subtle gender effects. (Medina KL, McQueeny T, Nagel BJ, Hanson KL, Yang TT, Tapert SF) Addict Biol 2009 Sep;14(4):457-68 PMID: 19650817 PMCID: PMC2741544 08/05/2009       104 Citations
  • Sleep architecture in adolescent marijuana and alcohol users during acute and extended abstinence. (Cohen-Zion M, Drummond SP, Padula CB, Winward J, Kanady J, Medina KL, Tapert SF) Addict Behav 2009 Nov;34(11):976-9 PMID: 19505769 PMCID: PMC2727851 06/10/2009       19 Citations
  • Prefrontal cortex volumes in adolescents with alcohol use disorders: unique gender effects. (Medina KL, McQueeny T, Nagel BJ, Hanson KL, Schweinsburg AD, Tapert SF) Alcohol Clin Exp Res 2008 Mar;32(3):386-94 PMID: 18302722 PMCID: PMC2825148 02/28/2008       222 Citations
  • Neuropsychological functioning in adolescent marijuana users: subtle deficits detectable after a month of abstinence. (Medina KL, Hanson KL, Schweinsburg AD, Cohen-Zion M, Nagel BJ, Tapert SF) J Int Neuropsychol Soc 2007 Sep;13(5):807-20 PMID: 17697412 PMCID: PMC2269704 08/19/2007       191 Citations
  • Depressive symptoms in adolescents: associations with white matter volume and marijuana use. (Medina KL, Nagel BJ, Park A, McQueeny T, Tapert SF) J Child Psychol Psychiatry 2007 Jun;48(6):592-600 PMID: 17537075 PMCID: PMC2269707 06/01/2007       102 Citations
  • Effects of alcohol and combined marijuana and alcohol use during adolescence on hippocampal volume and asymmetry. (Medina KL, Schweinsburg AD, Cohen-Zion M, Nagel BJ, Tapert SF) Neurotoxicol Teratol 2007 Jan-Feb;29(1):141-52 PMID: 17169528 PMCID: PMC1821342 12/16/2006       201 Citations
  • Anxiety, depression, and behavioral symptoms of executive dysfunction in ecstasy users: contributions of polydrug use. (Medina KL, Shear PK) Drug Alcohol Depend 2007 Mar 16;87(2-3):303-11 PMID: 17074449 PMCID: PMC1899128 11/01/2006       52 Citations
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  • Developmental normative data for the Corsi Block-tapping task. (Farrell Pagulayan K, Busch RM, Medina KL, Bartok JA, Krikorian R) J Clin Exp Neuropsychol 2006 Aug;28(6):1043-52 PMID: 16822742 07/11/2006       94 Citations
  • Memory functioning in polysubstance dependent women. (Medina KL, Shear PK, Schafer J) Drug Alcohol Depend 2006 Oct 01;84(3):248-55 PMID: 16595165 04/06/2006       18 Citations
  • Ecstasy (MDMA) exposure and neuropsychological functioning: a polydrug perspective. (Medina KL, Shear PK, Corcoran K) J Int Neuropsychol Soc 2005 Oct;11(6):753-65 PMID: 16248911 10/27/2005       24 Citations
  • Cognitive functioning and length of abstinence in polysubstance dependent men. (Medina KL, Shear PK, Schafer J, Armstrong TG, Dyer P) Arch Clin Neuropsychol 2004 Mar;19(2):245-58 PMID: 15010089 03/11/2004       21 Citations
  • Self-administration of alcohol before and after a public speaking challenge by individuals with social phobia. (Abrams K, Kushner MG, Medina KL, Voight A) Psychol Addict Behav 2002 Jun;16(2):121-8 PMID: 12079250 06/25/2002       38 Citations
  • The pharmacologic and expectancy effects of alcohol on social anxiety in individuals with social phobia. (Abrams K, Kushner M, Medina KL, Voight A) Drug Alcohol Depend 2001 Oct 01;64(2):219-31 PMID: 11543992 09/07/2001       61 Citations
  • Disagreement about the occurrence of male-to-female intimate partner violence: a qualitative study. (Armstrong TG, Heideman G, Corcoran KJ, Fisher B, Medina KL, Schafer J) Fam Community Health 2001 Apr;24(1):55-75 PMID: 11275571 03/29/2001       19 Citations
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