Medical College of Wisconsin
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Gretchen M. Roth MD

Gretchen M. Roth MD

Assistant Professor

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Dermatology
Program: General


  • A case of primary cutaneous Ewing sarcoma in a neutropenic patient. (Brown-Joel ZO, Bellizzi AM, Darbro BW, Snow AN, Tanas MR, Keeney ME, Stone MS, Wanat KA, Roth GM) J Cutan Pathol 2019 Mar;46(3):238-241 PMID: 30582191 12/26/2018    
  • Segmental epidermal nevus and mucosal neuromas associated with -related overgrowth spectrum disorder. (Roth GM, Ferguson N, Wanat KA) JAAD Case Rep 2018 Nov;4(10):1080-1082 PMID: 30511004 PMCID: PMC6250901 12/05/2018    
  • Treatment of oral mucosal neuromas with carbon dioxide laser. (Weig EA, Roth GM, Wanat KA, Ferguson NN) J Am Acad Dermatol 2018 Sep 26 PMID: 30266556 09/30/2018    
  • Lower extremity ecchymotic nodules in a patient being treated with ibrutinib for chronic lymphocytic leukemia. (Hammel JA, Roth GM, Ferguson N, Fairley JA) JAAD Case Rep 2017 May;3(3):178-179 PMID: 28459097 PMCID: PMC5396857 05/02/2017    
  • Loss of CENP-F results in distinct microtubule-related defects without chromosomal abnormalities. (Pfaltzgraff ER, Roth GM, Miller PM, Gintzig AG, Ohi R, Bader DM) Mol Biol Cell 2016 07 01;27(13):1990-9 PMID: 27146114 PMCID: PMC4927273 05/06/2016       9 Citations
  • Isolation and physiological analysis of mouse cardiomyocytes. (Roth GM, Bader DM, Pfaltzgraff ER) J Vis Exp 2014 Sep 07(91):e51109 PMID: 25225886 PMCID: PMC4828048 09/17/2014       4 Citations
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