Medical College of Wisconsin
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Kartikey Acharya MD

Assistant Professor

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Medicine
Division: Infectious Disease
Program: Administration

Publications (2)

  • Beriberi disease: is it still present in the United States? (Yang JD, Acharya K, Evans M, Marsh JD, Beland S) Am J Med 2012 Oct;125(10):e5 PMID: 22800868 07/18/2012       3 Citations
  • A vicious cycle. (Acharya KB, Young DR, Wells MA, Quick CM, Lamps L, Bariola JR) Am J Med 2012 Apr;125(4):350-2 PMID: 22444100 03/27/2012       1 Citation
  • Last update: 06/01/2017
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