Medical College of Wisconsin
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Melek Somai MD

Melek Somai MD

Assistant Professor

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Medicine
Division: General Internal Medicine
Program: Research

Member of the Center for Advancing Population Science (CAPS)


  • Most UK scientists who publish extremely highly-cited papers do not secure funding from major public and charity funders: A descriptive analysis. (Stavropoulou C, Somai M, Ioannidis JPA) PLoS One 2019;14(2):e0211460 PMID: 30811411 PMCID: PMC6392224 02/28/2019       1 Citations
  • Mobile teledermatology for a prompter and more efficient dermatological care in rural Mongolia. (Byamba K, Syed-Abdul S, GarcĂ­a-Romero M, Huang CW, Nergyi S, Nyamdorj A, Nguyen PA, Iqbal U, Paik K, Celi L, Nikore V, Somai M, Jian WS, Li YC) Br J Dermatol 2015 Jul;173(1):265-7 PMID: 25494968 PMCID: PMC5679216 12/17/2014       4 Citations
  • From Pharmacovigilance to Clinical Care Optimization. (Celi LA, Moseley E, Moses C, Ryan P, Somai M, Stone D, Tang KO) Big Data 2014 Sep 01;2(3):134-141 PMID: 26576325 PMCID: PMC4630790 09/01/2014    
  • A cannonball through the chest: disseminated tuberculosis, threatening the aortic arch. (Feldman HJ, Somai M, Dweck E) Tunis Med 2014 Jan;92(1):34-7 PMID: 24879168 06/01/2014       1 Citations
  • [Ectopic pregnancy under Implanon contraception: a case of encysted haematocele]. (Mbarki C, Hsayaoui N, Ben Abdelaziz A, Khediri Z, Najjar M, Souai A, Somai M, Mezghenni S, Oueslati H) Tunis Med 2013 Aug-Sep;91(8-9):561-2 PMID: 24227523 11/15/2013    
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