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Cellular signalling: STIMulating calcium entry. Curr Biol 2005 Jul 12;15(13):R493-5 PMID: 16005278


The molecular identity of the signal coupling intracellular Ca(2+) store depletion to the activation of Ca(2+) entry has long resisted exposure. Two recent studies independently implicate the STIM protein family as essential components in this coupling. These data provide new impetus to resolve how store Ca(2+) content is sensed and communicated to store-operated Ca(2+) channels at the cell surface.

Author List

Marchant JS


Jonathan S. Marchant PhD Chair, Professor in the Cell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy department at Medical College of Wisconsin

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Biological Transport, Active
Calcium Channels
Endoplasmic Reticulum
Ion Transport
Membrane Proteins
Models, Biological
Neoplasm Proteins
RNA Interference
Signal Transduction

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