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Publications indexed to the term Aortic Valve Insufficiency

1Left-Sided Reoperations After Arterial Switch Operation: A European Multicenter Study. (Vida VL, Zanotto L, Zanotto L, Stellin G, European Congenital Heart Surgeons Association (ECHSA) Study Group, Padalino M, Sarris G, Protopapas E, Prospero C, Pizarro C, Woodford E, Tlaskal T, Berggren H, Kostolny M, Omeje I, Asfour B, Kadner A, Carrel T, Schoof PH, Nosal M, Fragata J, Kozłowski M, Maruszewski B, Vricella LA, Cameron DE, Sojak V, Hazekamp M, Salminen J, Mattila IP, Cleuziou J, Myers PO, Hraska V) Ann Thorac Surg 2017 Sep;104(3):899-906       5 Citations
1Loss of Axin2 results in impaired heart valve maturation and subsequent myxomatous valve disease. (Hulin A, Moore V, James JM, Yutzey KE) Cardiovasc Res 2017 01;113(1):40-51       14 Citations
3Moderate Aortic Valvular Insufficiency Invalidates Vortex Formation Time as an Index of Left Ventricular Filling Efficiency in Patients With Severe Degenerative Calcific Aortic Stenosis Undergoing Aortic Valve Replacement. (Pagel PS, Boettcher BT, De Vry DJ, Freed JK, Iqbal Z) J Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth 2016 Oct;30(5):1260-5       2 Citations
1Proximal thoracic aorta dimensions after continuous-flow left ventricular assist device implantation: Longitudinal changes and relation to aortic valve insufficiency. (Fine NM, Park SJ, Stulak JM, Topilsky Y, Daly RC, Joyce LD, Pereira NL, Schirger JA, Edwards BS, Lin G, Kushwaha SS) J Heart Lung Transplant 2016 Apr;35(4):423-32       6 Citations
1Mechanism of Torrential Aortic Valve Insufficiency in Endocarditis: Leaflet Destruction, Restriction, Prolapse, or Perforation? (De Vry DJ, Poblocki JR, Algahim MF, Hossein Almassi G, Pagel PS) J Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth 2015 Dec;29(6):1734-6    
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2An unlikely cause of a new diastolic murmur heard during a routine employment physical exam. (Pagel PS, Shirazi AQ, Helm CS, Novalija J, Murtaza G, Rashid ZA) J Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth 2015;29(3):817-9    
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2Why the new severe aortic insufficiency after mitral and tricuspid valve repair? (Pagel PS, Cummings CE, Schroeder AR, De Vry DJ, Linn KA) J Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth 2014 Dec;28(6):1704-6    
1Staged balloon aortic valvuloplasty before standard aortic valve replacement in selected patients with severe aortic valve stenosis. (Altarabsheh SE, Greason KL, Schaff HV, Suri RM, Li Z, Mathew V, Joyce LD, Park SJ, Dearani JA) Tex Heart Inst J 2014 Apr;41(2):152-8       3 Citations
1New regurgitation after aortic valve replacement with a stented bovine pericardial prosthesis: is the leak paravalvular or non-paravalvular? (Weber CA, Prasad R, Ballmoos MW, Nicolosi AC, Pagel PS) J Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth 2014 Jun;28(3):857-9       2 Citations
1Expanding relevance of aortic valve repair-is earlier operation indicated? (Sharma V, Suri RM, Dearani JA, Burkhart HM, Park SJ, Joyce LD, Li Z, Schaff HV) J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 2014 Jan;147(1):100-7       25 Citations
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2An echogenic object in the left atrium: a consequence of end-stage renal disease? (Pagel PS, Zundel MT) J Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth 2013 Dec;27(6):1429-31    
1High pacing rates for management of aortic insufficiency after balloon aortic valvuloplasty or transcatheter aortic valve replacement. (Ali O, Salinger MH, Levisay JP, Feldman T) Catheter Cardiovasc Interv 2014 Jan 01;83(1):162-8       7 Citations
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3A 2-day history of shortness of breath and intermittent dull substernal chest pain in a 42-year-old man: a case of acute insecticide toxicity or something more ominous? (Pagel PS, Gandhi SD, Shah JR, Butler EG, Almassi GH) J Cardiothorac Vasc Anesth 2009 Oct;23(5):732-4       1 Citation
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