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Evidence-Based Cognitive Endoscopy Simulators: Do They Exist? A Systematic Search and Evaluation of Existing Platforms. Dig Dis Sci 2022 Jun 15:1-6



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BACKGROUND: The development of guidelines by gastroenterology societies increasingly stresses evidence-based endoscopic practice.

AIMS: We performed a systematic assessment to determine whether endoscopic video teaching platforms incorporate evidence-based educational strategies and methods in order to disseminate guideline-based endoscopic management strategies.

METHODS: Platforms with a video component were systematically identified using the Google search engine, Apple and Android application stores, and searching four major gastroenterology society websites and three known platforms, to identify all relevant platforms. Two video samples from each teaching platform were reviewed independently by two authors and assessed for use of a priori defined principles of evidence-based medicine, as determined by consensus agreement and for the use of simulation.

RESULTS: Fourteen platforms were included in the final analysis, and two videos from each were analyzed. One of the 14 platforms used simulation and incorporated evidence-based medicine principles consistently. Nine of the 14 platforms were not transparent in regard to citation. None of the platforms consistently cited the certainty of evidence or explained how evidence was selected.

CONCLUSIONS: Education of guideline-based endoscopic management strategies using principles of evidence-based medicine is under-utilized in endoscopic videos. In addition, the use of cognitive simulation is absent in this arena. There is a paucity of evidence-based cognitive endoscopy simulators designed for fellows that incorporate systematic evaluation, and efforts should be made to create this platform.

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Shah R, Kurin M, Satyavada S, Ismail M, Smith Z, Davitkov P, Isenberg G, Gottumukkala R, Faulx A, Falck-Ytter Y, Chak A


Zachary Smith DO Associate Professor in the Medicine department at Medical College of Wisconsin