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Publications indexed to the term Computed Tomography Angiography

1Comparing the benefit of ASPECTS on maximum intensity projection images of computed tomography angiography to source images and noncontract computed tomography in predicting infarct volume and collaterals extent. (Ebrahimzadeh SA, Du E, Ivanovic V, Bhadelia RA, Hacein-Bey L, Selim M, Chang YM) J Stroke Cerebrovasc Dis 2023 Jun;32(6):107091    
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1Standing Waves on Computed Tomography Angiography in Multiple Vessels in a Young Trauma Patient. (Rasheed A, White SB, Bhalla M) J Comput Assist Tomogr 2021 Mar-Apr 01;45(2):238-241       1 Citation
1Stroke etiologies in patients with COVID-19: the SVIN COVID-19 multinational registry. (Ramos-Araque ME, Siegler JE, Ribo M, Requena M, López C, de Lera M, Arenillas JF, Pérez IH, Gómez-Vicente B, Talavera B, Portela PC, Guillen AN, Urra X, Llull L, Renú A, Nguyen TN, Jillella D, Nahab F, Nogueira R, Haussen D, Then R, Thon JM, Esparragoza LR, Hernández-Pérez M, Bustamante A, Mansour OY, Megahed M, Hassan T, Liebeskind DS, Hassan A, Bushnaq S, Osman M, Vazquez AR, SVIN Multinational Registry and Task Force) BMC Neurol 2021 Jan 30;21(1):43       26 Citations
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1Effect of Left and Right Coronary Flow Waveforms on Aortic Sinus Hemodynamics and Leaflet Shear Stress: Correlation with Calcification Locations. (Flemister DC, Hatoum H, Guhan V, Zebhi B, Lincoln J, Crestanello J, Dasi LP) Ann Biomed Eng 2020 Dec;48(12):2796-2808       6 Citations
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