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Publications indexed to the term Blood Cells

1Whole genome sequencing identifies structural variants contributing to hematologic traits in the NHLBI TOPMed program. (Wheeler MM, Stilp AM, Rao S, Halldórsson BV, Beyter D, Wen J, Mihkaylova AV, McHugh CP, Lane J, Jiang MZ, Raffield LM, Jun G, Sedlazeck FJ, Metcalf G, Yao Y, Bis JB, Chami N, de Vries PS, Desai P, Floyd JS, Gao Y, Kammers K, Kim W, Moon JY, Ratan A, Yanek LR, Almasy L, Becker LC, Blangero J, Cho MH, Curran JE, Fornage M, Kaplan RC, Lewis JP, Loos RJF, Mitchell BD, Morrison AC, Preuss M, Psaty BM, Rich SS, Rotter JI, Tang H, Tracy RP, Boerwinkle E, Abecasis GR, Blackwell TW, Smith AV, Johnson AD, Mathias RA, Nickerson DA, Conomos MP, Li Y, Þorsteinsdóttir U, Magnússon MK, Stefansson K, Pankratz ND, Bauer DE, Auer PL, Reiner AP) Nat Commun 2022 Dec 08;13(1):7592       3 Citations
2Carcinocythemia: A rare entity becoming more common? A 3-year, single institution series of seven cases and literature review. (Ronen S, Kroft SH, Olteanu H, Hosking PR, Harrington AM) Int J Lab Hematol 2019 Feb;41(1):69-79       7 Citations
1Case 37-2016. An 86-Year-Old Woman with Leukocytosis and Splenomegaly. (Fathi AT, Graubert TA, Kulkarni NM, Kuo FC, Hasserjian RP) N Engl J Med 2016 Dec 08;375(23):2273-2282       1 Citation
1Thrombomodulin contributes to gamma tocotrienol-mediated lethality protection and hematopoietic cell recovery in irradiated mice. (Pathak R, Shao L, Ghosh SP, Zhou D, Boerma M, Weiler H, Hauer-Jensen M) PLoS One 2015;10(4):e0122511       20 Citations
1A translatable predictor of human radiation exposure. (Lucas J, Dressman HK, Suchindran S, Nakamura M, Chao NJ, Himburg H, Minor K, Phillips G, Ross J, Abedi M, Terbrueggen R, Chute JP) PLoS One 2014;9(9):e107897       42 Citations
2Sall4 overexpression blocks murine hematopoiesis in a dose-dependent manner. (Milanovich S, Peterson J, Allred J, Stelloh C, Rajasekaran K, Fisher J, Duncan SA, Malarkannan S, Rao S) Exp Hematol 2015 Jan;43(1):53-64.e1-8       16 Citations
1Imputation of exome sequence variants into population- based samples and blood-cell-trait-associated loci in African Americans: NHLBI GO Exome Sequencing Project. (Auer PL, Johnsen JM, Johnson AD, Logsdon BA, Lange LA, Nalls MA, Zhang G, Franceschini N, Fox K, Lange EM, Rich SS, O'Donnell CJ, Jackson RD, Wallace RB, Chen Z, Graubert TA, Wilson JG, Tang H, Lettre G, Reiner AP, Ganesh SK, Li Y) Am J Hum Genet 2012 Nov 02;91(5):794-808       109 Citations
2Donor, recipient, and transplant characteristics as risk factors after unrelated donor PBSC transplantation: beneficial effects of higher CD34+ cell dose. (Pulsipher MA, Chitphakdithai P, Logan BR, Leitman SF, Anderlini P, Klein JP, Horowitz MM, Miller JP, King RJ, Confer DL) Blood 2009 Sep 24;114(13):2606-16       115 Citations
1Genetic influence on immune phenotype revealed strain-specific variations in peripheral blood lineages. (Petkova SB, Yuan R, Tsaih SW, Schott W, Roopenian DC, Paigen B) Physiol Genomics 2008 Aug 15;34(3):304-14       55 Citations
1Cytomegalovirus-infected cells in routinely prepared peripheral blood films of immunosuppressed patients. (Pooley RJ Jr, Peterson L, Finn WG, Kroft SH) Am J Clin Pathol 1999 Jul;112(1):108-12       14 Citations