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Publications indexed to the term Molecular Probe Techniques

5Detection of mitochondria-generated reactive oxygen species in cells using multiple probes and methods: Potentials, pitfalls, and the future. (Cheng G, Zielonka M, Dranka B, Kumar SN, Myers CR, Bennett B, Garces AM, Dias Duarte Machado LG, Thiebaut D, Ouari O, Hardy M, Zielonka J, Kalyanaraman B) J Biol Chem 2018 06 29;293(26):10363-10380       34 Citations
1Monitoring helicase activity with molecular beacons. (Belon CA, Frick DN) Biotechniques 2008 Oct;45(4):433-40, 442       47 Citations
1Tyrosine nitration, dimerization, and hydroxylation by peroxynitrite in membranes as studied by the hydrophobic probe N-t-BOC-l-tyrosine tert-butyl ester. (Bartesaghi S, Peluffo G, Zhang H, Joseph J, Kalyanaraman B, Radi R) Methods Enzymol 2008;441:217-36       11 Citations
1Improved "optical highlighter" probes derived from discosoma red fluorescent protein. (Robinson LC, Marchant JS) Biophys J 2005 Feb;88(2):1444-57       10 Citations