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The Faculty Collaboration Database (FCD) was developed to foster collaboration between faculty members of the Medical College of Wisconsin and with other members of the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI). The goal of the FCD is to support and enhance the research advances, patient care needs, educational excellence and business requirements of the College. For more information, see the About page or view the Screencasts.

What's New

We are beginning to track MCW Center affiliation. At this time, we have the following 4 centers:

If you are interested in getting your center listed here, please compile a list of your faculty, and then contact us using the Help/Contact link above.

The Medical College of Wisconsin Cancer Center has been using the FCD to facilitate online membership applications, membership tracking, and reporting in preparation for the Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) application. For more information, click here

Recent Publications Added to Faculty Profiles