Medical College of Wisconsin
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Matthew Jandrisevits PhD

Assistant Professor

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Psychiatry
Program: Behavioral Health and Sub-Specialty Clinics

Publications (4)

  • Demographic, socioeconomic, and psychological factors related to medication non-adherence among emergency department patients. (Davis DP, Jandrisevits MD, Iles S, Weber TR, Gallo LC) J Emerg Med 2012 Nov;43(5):773-85 PMID: 19464136 05/26/2009       10 Citations
  • Bipolar disorders: symptoms and treatment in children and adolescents. (Apps J, Winkler J, Jandrisevits MD) Pediatr Nurs 2008 Jan-Feb;34(1):84-8 PMID: 18361094 03/26/2008       3 Citations
  • Cystic fibrosis disclosure may minimize risk of negative peer evaluations. (Berlin KS, Sass DA, Hobart Davies W, Jandrisevits MD, Hains AA) J Cyst Fibros 2005 Sep;4(3):169-74 PMID: 16006200 07/12/2005       18 Citations
  • Controlled-release oxycodone for the management of pediatric postoperative pain. (Czarnecki ML, Jandrisevits MD, Theiler SC, Huth MM, Weisman SJ) J Pain Symptom Manage 2004 Apr;27(4):379-86 PMID: 15112683 04/29/2004       27 Citations
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