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Rashmi Sood PhD

Rashmi Sood PhD

Associate Professor

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Pathology
Division: Administration
Program: Pediatrics


  • Heparin rescues factor V Leiden-associated placental failure independent of anticoagulation in a murine high-risk pregnancy model. (An J, Waitara MS, Bordas M, Arumugam V, Hoffmann RG, Petrich BG, Sinha U, North PE, Sood R) Blood 2013 Mar 14;121(11):2127-34 PMID 23325830
  • IFPA Meeting 2012 Workshop Report III: trophoblast deportation, gestational trophoblastic disease, placental insufficiency and fetal growth restriction, trophoblast over-invasion and accreta-related pathologies, placental thrombosis and fibrinolysis. (Al-Khan A, Bulmer JN, Chantraine F, Chen CP, Chen Q, Collins S, Cotechini T, Fitzgerald JS, He M, Holland O, Hung TH, Illsley NP, Ino K, Iwaki T, Kanayama N, Kaneki E, Katabuchi H, Kobayashi Y, Kondo A, Masuzaki H, Matjila M, Miura K, Mori A, Murthi P, Nagahashi K, Nie G, Ohba T, Sood R, Sugimura M, Takizawa T, Usui H, Velicky P, Lash GE) Placenta 2013 Mar;34 Suppl:S11-6 PMID 23257209
  • Thrombophilia and fetal loss: Lessons from gene targeting in mice. (Sood R) Thromb Res 2009;123 Suppl 2:S79-84 PMID 19217483
  • Caveolin-1-dependent apoptosis induced by fibrin degradation products. (Guo YH, Hernandez I, Isermann B, Kang TB, Medved L, Sood R, Kerschen EJ, Holyst T, Mosesson MW, Weiler H) Blood 2009 Apr 30;113(18):4431-9 PMID 19074731
  • Maternal Par4 and platelets contribute to defective placenta formation in mouse embryos lacking thrombomodulin. (Sood R, Sholl L, Isermann B, Zogg M, Coughlin SR, Weiler H) Blood 2008 Aug 1;112(3):585-91 PMID 18490515
  • Combined tissue factor pathway inhibitor and thrombomodulin deficiency produces an augmented hypercoagulable state with tissue-specific fibrin deposition. (Maroney SA, Cooley BC, Sood R, Weiler H, Mast AE) J Thromb Haemost 2008 Jan;6(1):111-7 PMID 17973652
  • Endotoxemia and sepsis mortality reduction by non-anticoagulant activated protein C. (Kerschen EJ, Fernandez JA, Cooley BC, Yang XV, Sood R, Mosnier LO, Castellino FJ, Mackman N, Griffin JH, Weiler H) J Exp Med 2007 Oct 1;204(10):2439-48 PMID 17893198
  • Fetal gene defects precipitate platelet-mediated pregnancy failure in factor V Leiden mothers. (Sood R, Zogg M, Westrick RJ, Guo YH, Kerschen EJ, Girardi G, Salmon JE, Coughlin SR, Weiler H) J Exp Med 2007 May 14;204(5):1049-56 PMID 17438064
  • Fetomaternal cross talk in the placental vascular bed: control of coagulation by trophoblast cells. (Sood R, Kalloway S, Mast AE, Hillard CJ, Weiler H) Blood 2006 Apr 15;107(8):3173-80 PMID 16380449
  • Thrombophilia and pregnancy failure: feto-maternal interactions in the vascular bed of the placenta. (Sood R, Kalloway S, Mast AE, Weiler H) Thromb Res 2005 Feb;115 Suppl 1:92-4 PMID 15790167
  • Cause-effect relation between hyperfibrinogenemia and vascular disease. (Kerlin B, Cooley BC, Isermann BH, Hernandez I, Sood R, Zogg M, Hendrickson SB, Mosesson MW, Lord S, Weiler H) Blood 2004 Mar 1;103(5):1728-34 PMID 14615369
  • Survival advantage associated with heterozygous factor V Leiden mutation in patients with severe sepsis and in mouse endotoxemia. (Kerlin BA, Yan SB, Isermann BH, Brandt JT, Sood R, Basson BR, Joyce DE, Weiler H, Dhainaut JF) Blood 2003 Nov 1;102(9):3085-92 PMID 12869495
  • Embryogenesis and gene targeting of coagulation factors in mice. (Sood R, Weiler H) Best Pract Res Clin Haematol 2003 Jun;16(2):169-81 PMID 12763485
  • The thrombomodulin-protein C system is essential for the maintenance of pregnancy. (Isermann B, Sood R, Pawlinski R, Zogg M, Kalloway S, Degen JL, Mackman N, Weiler H) Nat Med 2003 Mar;9(3):331-7 PMID 12579195
  • Posttranslational modification of TEL and TEL/AML1 by SUMO-1 and cell-cycle-dependent assembly into nuclear bodies. (Chakrabarti SR, Sood R, Nandi S, Nucifora G) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2000 Nov 21;97(24):13281-5 PMID 11078523
  • Forced expression of the leukemia-associated gene EVI1 in ES cells: a model for myeloid leukemia with 3q26 rearrangements. (Sitailo S, Sood R, Barton K, Nucifora G) Leukemia 1999 Nov;13(11):1639-45 PMID 10557037
  • Modulation of TEL transcription activity by interaction with the ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme UBC9. (Chakrabarti SR, Sood R, Ganguly S, Bohlander S, Shen Z, Nucifora G) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 1999 Jun 22;96(13):7467-72 PMID 10377438
  • MDS1/EVI1 enhances TGF-beta1 signaling and strengthens its growth-inhibitory effect but the leukemia-associated fusion protein AML1/MDS1/EVI1, product of the t(3;21), abrogates growth-inhibition in response to TGF-beta1. (Sood R, Talwar-Trikha A, Chakrabarti SR, Nucifora G) Leukemia 1999 Mar;13(3):348-57 PMID 10086725
  • Grants and Awards

  • Role of Maternal Platelets in the Placenta and Pregnancy Complications (#9208086 08/01/2013 - 05/31/2017) Sponsor: NIH Heart Lung and Blood Institute
  • Last update: 12/17/2014