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Keith F. Woeltje MD, PhD

Keith F. Woeltje MD, PhD profile photo picture

Associate Dean, Professor

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Medicine
Division: Infectious Disease
Program: Administration

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Member of the Data Science Institute

Publications (69)

  • Outcomes Associated With Social Distancing Policies in St Louis, Missouri, During the Early Phase of the COVID-19 Pandemic. (Geng EH, Schwab J, Foraker R, Fox B, Hoehner CM, Schootman M, Mody A, Powderly W, Yount B, Woeltje K, Petersen M) JAMA Netw Open 2021 Sep 01;4(9):e2123374 PMID: 34468756 PMCID: PMC8411298 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85114682701 09/02/2021       6 Citations
  • Disrupted and Restored Patient Experience With Transition to New Electronic Health Record System. (Tian D, Hoehner CM, Woeltje KF, Luong L, Lane MA) J Patient Exp 2021;8:23743735211034064 PMID: 34423122 PMCID: PMC8377307 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85113153723 08/24/2021       6 Citations
  • Machine learning liver-injuring drug interactions with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) from a retrospective electronic health record (EHR) cohort. (Datta A, Flynn NR, Barnette DA, Woeltje KF, Miller GP, Swamidass SJ) PLoS Comput Biol 2021 Jul;17(7):e1009053 PMID: 34228716 PMCID: PMC8284671 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85109425000 07/07/2021       31 Citations
  • The Clinical Course of Coronavirus Disease 2019 in a US Hospital System: A Multistate Analysis. (Mody A, Lyons PG, Vazquez Guillamet C, Michelson A, Yu S, Namwase AS, Sinha P, Powderly WG, Woeltje K, Geng EH) Am J Epidemiol 2021 Apr 06;190(4):539-552 PMID: 33351077 PMCID: PMC7799307 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85104046967 12/23/2020       13 Citations
  • 'Black Box' to 'Conversational' Machine Learning: Ondansetron Reduces Risk of Hospital-Acquired Venous Thromboembolism. (Datta A, Matlock MK, Le Dang N, Moulin T, Woeltje KF, Yanik EL, Joshua Swamidass S) IEEE J Biomed Health Inform 2021 Jun;25(6):2204-2214 PMID: 33095721 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85105420748 10/24/2020       22 Citations
  • Impact of no-touch ultraviolet light room disinfection systems on Clostridioides difficile infections. (McMullen K, Guth RM, Wood H, Mueller C, Dunn G, Wade R, Siddiqui A, Dubberke ER, Woeltje KF, Warren DK) Am J Infect Control 2021 May;49(5):646-648 PMID: 32860846 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85090970398 08/30/2020       6 Citations
  • Transmission dynamics: Data sharing in the COVID-19 era. (Foraker RE, Lai AM, Kannampallil TG, Woeltje KF, Trolard AM, Payne PRO) Learn Health Syst 2021 Jan;5(1):e10235 PMID: 32838037 PMCID: PMC7323052 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85087145143 08/25/2020       23 Citations
  • Electronically Available Patient Claims Data Improve Models for Comparing Antibiotic Use Across Hospitals: Results From 576 US Facilities. (Goodman KE, Pineles L, Magder LS, Anderson DJ, Ashley ED, Polk RE, Quan H, Trick WE, Woeltje KF, Leekha S, Cosgrove SE, Harris AD) Clin Infect Dis 2021 Dec 06;73(11):e4484-e4492 PMID: 32756970 PMCID: PMC8662758 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85122546294 08/07/2020       12 Citations
  • Significant Regional Differences in Antibiotic Use Across 576 US Hospitals and 11 701 326 Adult Admissions, 2016-2017. (Goodman KE, Cosgrove SE, Pineles L, Magder LS, Anderson DJ, Dodds Ashley E, Polk RE, Quan H, Trick WE, Woeltje KF, Leekha S, Harris AD) Clin Infect Dis 2021 Jul 15;73(2):213-222 PMID: 32421195 PMCID: PMC8282314 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85103801805 05/19/2020       22 Citations
  • When past is not a prologue: Adapting informatics practice during a pandemic. (Kannampallil TG, Foraker RE, Lai AM, Woeltje KF, Payne PRO) J Am Med Inform Assoc 2020 Jul 01;27(7):1142-1146 PMID: 32333757 PMCID: PMC7188126 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85084616934 04/26/2020       12 Citations
  • A Decade of Preventing Harm. (Woeltje KF, Olenski LK, Donatelli M, Hunter A, Murphy D, Hall BL, Dunagan WC) Jt Comm J Qual Patient Saf 2019 Jul;45(7):480-486 PMID: 31133536 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85065924938 05/28/2019       2 Citations
  • Preface: An Introduction to Practical Hospital Epidemiology (Lautenbach E, Malani PN, Han JH, Marschall J, Shuman EK, Woeltje KF) Practical Healthcare Epidemiology: Fourth Edition 1 January 2018:xiii-xiv SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85132465658 01/01/2018    
  • Practical Healthcare Epidemiology: Fourth Edition (Lautenbach E, Malani PN, Woeltje KF, Han JH, Shuman EK, Marschall J) Practical Healthcare Epidemiology: Fourth Edition 1 January 2018:1-440 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85128030742 01/01/2018       1 Citation
  • The Effect of Adding Comorbidities to Current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Central-Line-Associated Bloodstream Infection Risk-Adjustment Methodology. (Jackson SS, Leekha S, Magder LS, Pineles L, Anderson DJ, Trick WE, Woeltje KF, Kaye KS, Stafford K, Thom K, Lowe TJ, Harris AD) Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol 2017 Sep;38(9):1019-1024 PMID: 28669363 PMCID: PMC5711399 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85021754297 07/04/2017       14 Citations
  • Electronically Available Comorbidities Should Be Used in Surgical Site Infection Risk Adjustment. (Jackson SS, Leekha S, Magder LS, Pineles L, Anderson DJ, Trick WE, Woeltje KF, Kaye KS, Lowe TJ, Harris AD) Clin Infect Dis 2017 Sep 01;65(5):803-810 PMID: 28481976 PMCID: PMC5850642 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85028621891 05/10/2017       16 Citations
  • Which Comorbid Conditions Should We Be Analyzing as Risk Factors for Healthcare-Associated Infections? (Harris AD, Pineles L, Anderson D, Woeltje KF, Trick WE, Kaye KS, Yokoe DS, Nyquist AC, Calfee DP, Leekha S) Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol 2017 Apr;38(4):449-454 PMID: 28031061 PMCID: PMC5684869 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-85015406387 12/30/2016       5 Citations
  • Risk Factors for Craniotomy or Spinal Fusion Surgical Site Infection. (Elward A, Yegge J, Recktenwald A, Jadwisiak L, Kieffer P, Hohrein M, Hopkins-Broyles D, Woeltje KF) Pediatr Infect Dis J 2015 Dec;34(12):1323-8 PMID: 26353030 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-84944348484 09/10/2015       11 Citations
  • Increasing the Reliability of Fully Automated Surveillance for Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections. (Snyders RE, Goris AJ, Gase KA, Leone CL, Doherty JA, Woeltje KF) Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol 2015 Dec;36(12):1396-400 PMID: 26329691 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-84958529745 09/04/2015       10 Citations
  • Decision Analysis for Metric Selection on a Clinical Quality Scorecard. (Guth RM, Storey PE, Vitale M, Markan-Aurora S, Gordon R, Prevost TQ, Dunagan WC, Woeltje KF) Am J Med Qual 2016 Sep;31(5):400-7 PMID: 26038608 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-84985995107 06/04/2015       4 Citations
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  • Development, Implementation and Use of Electronic Surveillance for Ventilator-Associated Events (VAE) in Adults. (Resetar E, McMullen KM, Russo AJ, Doherty JA, Gase KA, Woeltje KF) AMIA Annu Symp Proc 2014;2014:1010-7 PMID: 25954410 PMCID: PMC4419870 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-84964312874 01/01/2014       11 Citations
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  • The development of infection surveillance and prevention programs (Babcock HM, Woeltje KF) Bennett & Brachman's Hospital Infections: Sixth Edition 17 October 2013 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-84973897314 10/17/2013    
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  • Hospital flood preparedness and flood-related psychological consequences in 15 provinces in central Thailand after implementation of a national guideline. (Apisarnthanarak A, Khawcharoenporn T, Woeltje KF, Warren DK) Infect Control Hosp Epidemiol 2013 Jun;34(6):655-6 PMID: 23651907 SCOPUS ID: 2-s2.0-84877649972 05/09/2013       4 Citations
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