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Srividya Kidambi MD

Associate Professor

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Medicine
Division: Endocrinology
Program: Administration

Member of the Cardiovascular Center


  • Effect of adiposity on tissue-specific adiponectin secretion. (Reneau J, Goldblatt M, Gould J, Kindel T, Kastenmeier A, Higgins R, Rengel LR, Schoyer K, James R, Obi B, Moosreiner A, Nicholson K, Sahoo D, Kidambi S) PLoS One 2018;13(6):e0198889 PMID: 29924824 PMCID: PMC6010237 06/21/2018    
  • Stability of global methylation profiles of whole blood and extracted DNA under different storage durations and conditions. (Li Y, Pan X, Roberts ML, Liu P, Kotchen TA, Cowley AW Jr, Mattson DL, Liu Y, Liang M, Kidambi S) Epigenomics 2018 06;10(6):797-811 PMID: 29683333 04/24/2018       1 Citations
  • Epidemiology of Obesity and Pharmacologic Treatment Options. (Shettar V, Patel S, Kidambi S) Nutr Clin Pract 2017 Aug;32(4):441-462 PMID: 28632997 06/21/2017       5 Citations
  • Effect of gender and adiposity on in┬ávivo vascular function in young African Americans. (Dass N, Kilakkathi S, Obi B, Moosreiner A, Krishnaswami S, Widlansky ME, Kidambi S) J Am Soc Hypertens 2017 May;11(5):246-257 PMID: 28411075 04/16/2017       1 Citations
  • Clinic and ambulatory blood pressure in a population-based sample of African Americans: the Jackson Heart Study. (Thomas SJ, Booth JN 3rd, Bromfield SG, Seals SR, Spruill TM, Ogedegbe G, Kidambi S, Shimbo D, Calhoun D, Muntner P) J Am Soc Hypertens 2017 Apr;11(4):204-212.e5 PMID: 28285829 PMCID: PMC5466494 03/14/2017       7 Citations
  • Introduction to the American Heart Association's Hypertension Strategically Focused Research Network. (Muntner P, Becker RC, Calhoun D, Chen D, Cowley AW Jr, Flynn JT, Grobe JL, Kidambi S, Kotchen TA, Lackland DT, Leslie KK, Li Y, Liang M, Lloyd A, Mattson DL, Mendizabal B, Mitsnefes M, Nair A, Pierce GL, Pollock JS, Safford MM, Santillan MK, Sigmund CD, Thomas SJ, Urbina EM) Hypertension 2016 Apr;67(4):674-80 PMID: 26902490 PMCID: PMC5135412 02/24/2016       4 Citations
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  • Effects of simvastatin and ezetimibe in lowering low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in subjects with type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus. (Ciriacks K, Coly G, Krishnaswami S, Patel SB, Kidambi S) Metab Syndr Relat Disord 2015 Mar;13(2):84-90 PMID: 25490061 12/10/2014    
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  • Treatment of hypertension in obese patients. (Kidambi S, Kotchen TA) Am J Cardiovasc Drugs 2013 Jun;13(3):163-75 PMID: 23579967 04/13/2013       6 Citations
  • Non-replication study of a genome-wide association study for hypertension and blood pressure in African Americans. (Kidambi S, Ghosh S, Kotchen JM, Grim CE, Krishnaswami S, Kaldunski ML, Cowley AW Jr, Patel SB, Kotchen TA) BMC Med Genet 2012 Apr 11;13:27 PMID: 22494468 PMCID: PMC3349540 04/13/2012       23 Citations
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  • Hypertension, insulin resistance, and aldosterone: sex-specific relationships. (Kidambi S, Kotchen JM, Krishnaswami S, Grim CE, Kotchen TA) J Clin Hypertens (Greenwich) 2009 Mar;11(3):130-7 PMID: 19302424 03/24/2009       15 Citations
  • Aldosterone and alterations of hypertension-related vascular function in African Americans. (Kotchen TA, Kotchen JM, Grim CE, Krishnaswami S, Kidambi S) Am J Hypertens 2009 Mar;22(3):319-24 PMID: 19151694 01/20/2009       27 Citations
  • Diabetes mellitus: considerations for dentistry. (Kidambi S, Patel SB) J Am Dent Assoc 2008 Oct;139 Suppl:8S-18S PMID: 18809649 11/01/2008       28 Citations
  • Cholesterol and non-cholesterol sterol transporters: ABCG5, ABCG8 and NPC1L1: a review. (Kidambi S, Patel SB) Xenobiotica 2008 Jul;38(7-8):1119-39 PMID: 18668442 08/01/2008       41 Citations
  • Sitosterolaemia: pathophysiology, clinical presentation and laboratory diagnosis. (Kidambi S, Patel SB) J Clin Pathol 2008 May;61(5):588-94 PMID: 18441155 04/29/2008       68 Citations
  • Limitations of nocturnal salivary cortisol and urine free cortisol in the diagnosis of mild Cushing's syndrome. (Kidambi S, Raff H, Findling JW) Eur J Endocrinol 2007 Dec;157(6):725-31 PMID: 18057379 12/07/2007       81 Citations
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  • Low bone mass prevalence and osteoporosis risk factor assessment in African American Wisconsin women. (Kidambi S, Partington S, Binkley N) WMJ 2005 Nov;104(8):59-65 PMID: 16425924 01/24/2006       10 Citations
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