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Mario G. Gasparri MD

Mario G. Gasparri MD


Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Surgery
Division: Cardiothoracic
Program: Cardiothoracic Surgery

Member of the Cancer Center


  • First nationwide survey of US integrated 6-year cardiothoracic surgical residency program directors. (Lebastchi AH, Tackett JJ, Argenziano M, Calhoon JH, Gasparri MG, Halkos ME, Hicks GL Jr, Iannettoni MD, Ikonomidis JS, McCarthy PM, Starnes SL, Tong BC, Yuh DD) J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 2014 Aug;148(2):408-15.e1 PMID: 24820188 PMCID: PMC4336151
  • Morbidities of lung cancer surgery in obese patients. (Dhakal B, Eastwood D, Sukumaran S, Hassler G, Tisol W, Gasparri M, Choong N, Santana-Davila R) J Thorac Cardiovasc Surg 2013 Aug;146(2):379-84 PMID: 23618391
  • Reconstruction of the right atrium using an extracellular matrix patch in a patient with severe mediastinal aspergillosis. (Wyler von Ballmoos M, Murtaza G, Gasparri M, Masroor S) Int J Surg Case Rep 2013;4(3):290-2 PMID: 23376511 PMCID: PMC3604682
  • Impact of a six-year integrated thoracic surgery training program at the Medical College of Wisconsin. (Gasparri MG, Tisol WB, Masroor S) Ann Thorac Surg 2012 Feb;93(2):592-5; discussion 596-7 PMID: 22208202
  • Invited commentary. (Masroor S, Gasparri M) Ann Thorac Surg 2011 Nov;92(5):1591-2 PMID: 22051255
  • Epicardial lymphoproliferative disease involving the coronary arteries. (von Ballmoos MC, Masroor S, Murtaza G, Franco J, Gasparri M, Rubenstein JC) J Am Coll Cardiol 2011 Oct 18;58(17):1825 PMID: 21996397
  • Roux-en-Y diversion for debilitating reflux after esophagectomy. (Gasparri MG, Tisol WB, Haasler GB) Am Surg 2005 Aug;71(8):687-9 PMID: 16217953
  • Serratus anterior in vivo contractile force study. (Lifchez SD, Gasparri MG, Sanger JR, LoGiudice JA, Godat DM, Tisol WB, Matloub HS) Plast Reconstr Surg 2005 Sep;116(3):839-45 PMID: 16141824
  • A novel approach to the management of tracheoinnominate artery fistula. (Gasparri MG, Nicolosi AC, Almassi GH) Ann Thorac Surg 2004 Apr;77(4):1424-6 PMID: 15063280
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  • Clearing the cervical spine in victims of blunt assault to the head and neck: what is necessary? (Patton JH, Kralovich KA, Cuschieri J, Gasparri M) Am Surg 2000 Apr;66(4):326-30; discussion 330-1 PMID: 10776867
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  • A comparison of rigid -v- video thoracoscopy in the management of chest trauma. (Karmy-Jones R, Vallieres E, Kralovich K, Gasparri M, Sorensen VJ, Horst HM, Patton JH Jr, Wagner J, Wood D, Brundage S, Obeid FN) Injury 1998 Nov;29(9):655-9 PMID: 10211196
  • Last update: 06/03/2014