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1Isolation and loneliness as pathways to heavy drinking early in the pandemic. (Fendrich M, Becker J, Russell BS, Park CL) Alcohol Alcohol 2024 Mar 16;59(3)    
1Echocardiographic image collection and evaluation in infants with CHD: lessons learned from the imaging core lab for the Residual Lesion Score study. (Levine JC, Colan S, Trachtenberg F, Marcus E, Ferguson M, Parthiban A, Taylor C, Dragulescu A, Goot B, Lacro RV, McFarland C, Narasimhan S, O'Connor M, Schamberger M, Srivistava S, Taylor M, Nathan M) Cardiol Young 2024 Mar;34(3):570-575    
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1Delta-v slope as an indicator of injury. (Hauschild H, Halloway D, Pintar F) Traffic Inj Prev 2021;22(sup1):S165-S169       2 Citations
3Implementing the Cardiff Model for violence prevention: using the diffusion of innovation theory to understand facilitators and barriers to implementation. (Kohlbeck S, Levas M, Hernandez-Meier J, Hargarten S) Inj Prev 2022 Feb;28(1):49-53       3 Citations
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1Willingness to Distribute HIV Self-Testing Kits to Recent Sex Partners Among HIV-Negative Gay and Bisexual Men and an Examination of Free-Response Data from Young Men Participating in the Nationwide Cohort. (John SA, López-Rios J, Starks TJ, Rendina HJ, Grov C) Arch Sex Behav 2020 Aug;49(6):2081-2089       3 Citations
1Enhancing Collaboration between Clinician-Researchers and Methodologists in Clinical Research. (Amuah J, Mutasingwa DR, Amankwah EK) J Pediatr 2020 Jun;221S:S58-S61       1 Citation
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