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Publications indexed to the term Mouth Neoplasms

1The Substantial Omission of Indicated Postoperative Radiotherapy in Patients With Advanced-Stage Oral Cancer in the US-A Call to Action. (Awan M, Akakpo KE, Shukla M, Graboyes EM, Pipkorn P, Puram SV, Zenga J) JAMA Otolaryngol Head Neck Surg 2021 Oct 01;147(10):907-909       2 Citations
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1Prediction of Speech, Swallowing, and Quality of Life in Oral Cavity Cancer Patients: A Pilot Study. (Bulbul MG, Wu M, Lin D, Emerick K, Deschler D, Richmon J, Goldsmith T, Zenga J, Puram SV, Varvares MA) Laryngoscope 2021 Nov;131(11):2497-2504       6 Citations
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3Magnolia extract is effective for the chemoprevention of oral cancer through its ability to inhibit mitochondrial respiration at complex I. (Zhang Q, Cheng G, Pan J, Zielonka J, Xiong D, Myers CR, Feng L, Shin SS, Kim YH, Bui D, Hu M, Bennett B, Schmainda K, Wang Y, Kalyanaraman B, You M) Cell Commun Signal 2020 Apr 07;18(1):58       13 Citations
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1Analysis of the whole transcriptome from gingivo-buccal squamous cell carcinoma reveals deregulated immune landscape and suggests targets for immunotherapy. (Singh R, De Sarkar N, Sarkar S, Roy R, Chattopadhyay E, Ray A, Biswas NK, Maitra A, Roy B) PLoS One 2017;12(9):e0183606       5 Citations
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