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Dev Karan PhD

Associate Professor

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Pathology
Division: Administration

Member of the Cancer Center


  • Inflammasomes: Emerging Central Players in Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy. (Karan D) Front Immunol 2018;9:3028 PMID: 30631327 PMCID: PMC6315184 01/12/2019    
  • Withaferin A Associated Differential Regulation of Inflammatory Cytokines. (Dubey S, Yoon H, Cohen MS, Nagarkatti P, Nagarkatti M, Karan D) Front Immunol 2018;9:195 PMID: 29479354 PMCID: PMC5811468 02/27/2018    
  • Formulation of the bivalent prostate cancer vaccine with surgifoam elicits antigen-specific effector T cells in PSA-transgenic mice. (Karan D) Vaccine 2017 10 13;35(43):5794-5798 PMID: 28939158 PMCID: PMC5617798 09/25/2017       1 Citations
  • Expression analysis of inflammasome sensors and implication of NLRP12 inflammasome in prostate cancer. (Karan D, Tawfik O, Dubey S) Sci Rep 2017 06 29;7(1):4378 PMID: 28663562 PMCID: PMC5491527 07/01/2017       7 Citations
  • From Inflammation to Prostate Cancer: The Role of Inflammasomes. (Karan D, Dubey S) Adv Urol 2016;2016:3140372 PMID: 27429614 PMCID: PMC4939357 07/19/2016    
  • Prostate immunotherapy: should all guns be aimed at the prostate-specific antigen? (Karan D) Immunotherapy 2013 Sep;5(9):907-10 PMID: 23998723 PMCID: PMC5242386 09/04/2013       3 Citations
  • Combination immunotherapy with prostate GVAX and ipilimumab: safety and toxicity. (Karan D, Van Veldhuizen P) Immunotherapy 2012 Jun;4(6):577-80 PMID: 22788125 07/14/2012    
  • Inflammation-associated regulation of the macrophage inhibitory cytokine (MIC-1) gene in prostate cancer. (Dubey S, Vanveldhuizen P, Holzbeierlein J, Tawfik O, Thrasher JB, Karan D) Oncol Lett 2012 May;3(5):1166-1170 PMID: 22783412 PMCID: PMC3389684 07/12/2012    
  • Cancer immunotherapy: a paradigm shift for prostate cancer treatment. (Karan D, Holzbeierlein JM, Van Veldhuizen P, Thrasher JB) Nat Rev Urol 2012 May 29;9(7):376-85 PMID: 22641164 05/30/2012       24 Citations
  • Dual antigen target-based immunotherapy for prostate cancer eliminates the growth of established tumors in mice. (Karan D, Dubey S, Van Veldhuizen P, Holzbeierlein JM, Tawfik O, Thrasher JB) Immunotherapy 2011 Jun;3(6):735-46 PMID: 21668311 06/15/2011       15 Citations
  • CpG oligonucleotide as an adjuvant for the treatment of prostate cancer. (Lubaroff DM, Karan D) Adv Drug Deliv Rev 2009 Mar 28;61(3):268-74 PMID: 19166887 01/27/2009       17 Citations
  • Macrophage inhibitory cytokine-1: possible bridge molecule of inflammation and prostate cancer. (Karan D, Holzbeierlein J, Thrasher JB) Cancer Res 2009 Jan 01;69(1):2-5 PMID: 19117979 01/02/2009       47 Citations
  • Prostate cancer: genes, environment, immunity and the use of immunotherapy. (Karan D, Thrasher JB, Lubaroff D) Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis 2008;11(3):230-6 PMID: 18283297 02/20/2008       12 Citations
  • Paradoxical enhancement of CD8 T cell-dependent anti-tumor protection despite reduced CD8 T cell responses with addition of a TLR9 agonist to a tumor vaccine. (Karan D, Krieg AM, Lubaroff DM) Int J Cancer 2007 Oct 01;121(7):1520-8 PMID: 17565748 06/15/2007       38 Citations
  • Prostate-derived factor as a paracrine and autocrine factor for the proliferation of androgen receptor-positive human prostate cancer cells. (Chen SJ, Karan D, Johansson SL, Lin FF, Zeckser J, Singh AP, Batra SK, Lin MF) Prostate 2007 Apr 01;67(5):557-71 PMID: 17221842 01/16/2007       52 Citations
  • Decreased cytotoxic T cell activity generated by co-administration of PSA vaccine and CpG ODN is associated with increased tumor protection in a mouse model of prostate cancer. (Lubaroff DM, Karan D, Andrews MP, Acosta A, Abouassaly C, Sharma M, Krieg AM) Vaccine 2006 Aug 28;24(35-36):6155-62 PMID: 16876291 08/01/2006       29 Citations
  • Androgen deprivation induces human prostate epithelial neuroendocrine differentiation of androgen-sensitive LNCaP cells. (Yuan TC, Veeramani S, Lin FF, Kondrikou D, Zelivianski S, Igawa T, Karan D, Batra SK, Lin MF) Endocr Relat Cancer 2006 Mar;13(1):151-67 PMID: 16601285 04/08/2006       95 Citations
  • Evolution of the AMP-forming acetyl-CoA synthetase gene in the Drosophilidae family. (Karan D, Lesbats M, David JR, Capy P) J Mol Evol 2003;57 Suppl 1:S297-303 PMID: 15008428 03/11/2004       2 Citations
  • Expression of ADAMs (a disintegrin and metalloproteases) and TIMP-3 (tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinase-3) in human prostatic adenocarcinomas. (Karan D, Lin FC, Bryan M, Ringel J, Moniaux N, Lin MF, Batra SK) Int J Oncol 2003 Nov;23(5):1365-71 PMID: 14532978 10/09/2003       67 Citations
  • Dysregulated expression of MIC-1/PDF in human prostate tumor cells. (Karan D, Chen SJ, Johansson SL, Singh AP, Paralkar VM, Lin MF, Batra SK) Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2003 Jun 06;305(3):598-604 PMID: 12763036 05/24/2003       48 Citations
  • Current status of the molecular genetics of human prostatic adenocarcinomas. (Karan D, Lin MF, Johansson SL, Batra SK) Int J Cancer 2003 Jan 20;103(3):285-93 PMID: 12471610 12/10/2002       64 Citations
  • Expression profile of differentially-regulated genes during progression of androgen-independent growth in human prostate cancer cells. (Karan D, Kelly DL, Rizzino A, Lin MF, Batra SK) Carcinogenesis 2002 Jun;23(6):967-75 PMID: 12082018 06/26/2002       114 Citations
  • Establishment and characterization of androgen-independent human prostate cancer LNCaP cell model. (Igawa T, Lin FF, Lee MS, Karan D, Batra SK, Lin MF) Prostate 2002 Mar 01;50(4):222-35 PMID: 11870800 03/01/2002       152 Citations
  • Decreased androgen-responsive growth of human prostate cancer is associated with increased genetic alterations. (Karan D, Schmied BM, Dave BJ, Wittel UA, Lin MF, Batra SK) Clin Cancer Res 2001 Nov;7(11):3472-80 PMID: 11705865 11/14/2001       31 Citations
  • Mucins in protozoan parasites. (Jain M, Karan D, Batra SK, Varshney GC) Front Biosci 2001 Oct 01;6:D1276-83 PMID: 11578964 10/02/2001       4 Citations
  • Expression of tumor-associated glycoprotein-72 (TAG-72) antigen in human prostatic adenocarcinomas. (Karan D, Johansson SL, Lin MF, Batra SK) Oncol Rep 2001 Sep-Oct;8(5):1123-6 PMID: 11496328 08/10/2001       4 Citations
  • Chill-coma tolerance, a major climatic adaptation among Drosophila species. (Gibert P, Moreteau B, P√©tavy G, Karan D, David JR) Evolution 2001 May;55(5):1063-8 PMID: 11430643 06/30/2001       148 Citations
  • Molecular evolution of the AMP-forming Acetyl-CoA synthetase. (Karan D, David JR, Capy P) Gene 2001 Mar 07;265(1-2):95-101 PMID: 11255012 03/20/2001       20 Citations
  • Geographical clines for quantitative traits in natural populations of a tropical drosophilid: Zaprionus indianus. (Karan D, Dubey S, Moreteau B, Parkash R, David JR) Genetica 2000;108(1):91-100 PMID: 11145427 01/06/2001       56 Citations
  • The genetics of phenotypic plasticity. IX. Genetic architecture, temperature, and sex differences in Drosophila melanogaster. (Karan D, Morin JP, Gibert P, Moreteau B, Scheiner SM, David JR) Evolution 2000 Jun;54(3):1035-40 PMID: 10937276 08/11/2000       24 Citations
  • Cold tolerance in Drosophila: adaptive variations revealed by the analysis of starvation survival reaction norms. (Karan D, David JR) J Therm Biol 2000 Oct 01;25(5):345-351 PMID: 10838173 06/06/2000    
  • Microspatial genetic differentiation for tolerance and utilization of various alcohols and acetic acid in Drosophila species from India. (Karan D, Parkash R, David JR) Genetica 1999;105(3):249-58 PMID: 10761109 04/13/2000       9 Citations
  • Growth temperature and reaction norms of morphometrical traits in a tropical drosophilid: Zaprionus indianus. (Karan D, Moreteau B, David JR) Heredity (Edinb) 1999 Oct;83 ( Pt 4):398-407 PMID: 10583541 12/03/1999       35 Citations
  • Geographical divergence for quantitative traits in colonising populations of Drosophila kikkawai from India. (Parkash R, Karan D, Munjal AK) Hereditas 1998;128(3):201-5 PMID: 9760869 10/07/1998       6 Citations
  • Latitudinal clines for morphometrical traits in Drosophila kikkawai: a study of natural populations from the Indian subcontinent. (Karan D, Munjal AK, Gibert P, Moreteau B, Parkash R, David JR) Genet Res 1998 Feb;71(1):31-8 PMID: 9674381 07/23/1998       45 Citations
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