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Publications indexed to the term Health Education

1Impact Evaluation of Patient-Centered, Community-Engaged Health Modules for Homeless Pregnant Women. (Nelipovich S, Kotagiri N, Afreen E, Craft MA, Allen S, Davitt C, Ruffalo L, Diehr S) WMJ 2022 Jul;121(2):99-105    
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1Did You Get My Snap? Snapchat as a Health Education Tool for Hospitalized Adolescents. (Mehta S, Porada K, McFadden V) J Adolesc Health 2021 Feb;68(2):411-413       3 Citations
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6Community Breast Health Education for Immigrants and Refugees: Lessons Learned in Outreach Efforts to Reduce Cancer Disparities. (Kamaraju S, Olson J, DeNomie M, Visotcky A, Banerjee A, Asan O, Tavares E, Rao A, LaCroix M, Krause K, Neuner J, Stolley M) J Cancer Educ 2019 Dec;34(6):1092-1096       5 Citations
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