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Aron Geurts PhD

Aron Geurts PhD

Associate Professor

Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Physiology
Program: Genetics

Member of the Cardiovascular Center

Research Experience

  • Animals, Genetically Modified
  • Biotechnology
  • DNA Transposable Elements
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Genetic Research
  • Organisms, Genetically Modified
  • Plasmids
  • Rats
  • Methodologies and Techniques

  • Animals, Genetically Modified
  • Biotechnology
  • Cloning, Molecular
  • Embryonic Stem Cells
  • Genetic Vectors
  • Organisms, Genetically Modified
  • Plasmids
  • Rats, Inbred BN
  • Rats, Inbred Dahl
  • Rats, Inbred Strains
  • Sequence Analysis, DNA
  • MCW Program / Core Facilities

  • Rat Transgenic Core
  • Publications

  • Elevation of fumarase attenuates hypertension and can result from a nonsynonymous sequence variation or increased expression depending on rat strain. (Usa K, Liu Y, Geurts AM, Cheng Y, Lazar J, Baker MA, Grzybowski M, He Y, Tian Z, Liang M) Physiol Genomics 2017 Sep 01;49(9):496-504 PMID: 28754823 07/30/2017
  • Host genetic modifiers of nonproductive angiogenesis inhibit breast cancer. (Flister MJ, Tsaih SW, Stoddard A, Plasterer C, Jagtap J, Parchur AK, Sharma G, Prisco AR, Lemke A, Murphy D, Al-Gizawiy M, Straza M, Ran S, Geurts AM, Dwinell MR, Greene AS, Bergom C, LaViolette PS, Joshi A) Breast Cancer Res Treat 2017 Aug;165(1):53-64 PMID: 28567545 06/02/2017
  • Intravital imaging of the kidney in a rat model of salt-sensitive hypertension. (Endres BT, Sandoval RM, Rhodes GJ, Campos-Bilderback SB, Kamocka MM, McDermott-Roe C, Staruschenko A, Molitoris BA, Geurts AM, Palygin O) Am J Physiol Renal Physiol 2017 Aug 01;313(2):F163-F173 PMID: 28404591 PMCID: PMC5582897 04/14/2017
  • Lung injury pathways: Adenosine receptor 2B signaling limits development of ischemic bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia. (Densmore JC, Schaid TR, Jeziorczak PM, Medhora M, Audi S, Nayak S, Auchampach J, Dwinell MR, Geurts AM, Jacobs ER) Exp Lung Res 2017 Feb;43(1):38-48 PMID: 28266889 03/08/2017
  • Efficient Precision Genome Editing in iPSCs via Genetic Co-targeting with Selection. (Mitzelfelt KA, McDermott-Roe C, Grzybowski MN, Marquez M, Kuo CT, Riedel M, Lai S, Choi MJ, Kolander KD, Helbling D, Dimmock DP, Battle MA, Jou CJ, Tristani-Firouzi M, Verbsky JW, Benjamin IJ, Geurts AM) Stem Cell Reports 2017 Mar 14;8(3):491-499 PMID: 28238794 PMCID: PMC5355643 02/28/2017
  • Transcriptome-wide co-expression analysis identifies LRRC2 as a novel mediator of mitochondrial and cardiac function. (McDermott-Roe C, Leleu M, Rowe GC, Palygin O, Bukowy JD, Kuo J, Rech M, Hermans-Beijnsberger S, Schaefer S, Adami E, Creemers EE, Heinig M, Schroen B, Arany Z, Petretto E, Geurts AM) PLoS One 2017;12(2):e0170458 PMID: 28158196 PMCID: PMC5291451 02/06/2017
  • ISH ADA-01 Critical role of telomerase in regulating cerebral vascular function and redox environment. (Ait-Aissa K, Hockenberry J, Gutterman D, Geurts A, Beyer A) J Hypertens 2016 Sep;34 Suppl 1 - ISH 2016 Abstract Book:e39 PMID: 27753880 10/19/2016
  • A RATional choice for translational research? (Aitman T, Dhillon P, Geurts AM) Dis Model Mech 2016 Oct 01;9(10):1069-1072 PMID: 27736742 PMCID: PMC5087836 10/14/2016
  • ISH ADA-01 Critical role of telomerase in regulating cerebral vascular function and redox environment. (Ait-Aissa K, Hockenberry J, Gutterman D, Geurts A, Beyer A) J Hypertens 2016 Sep;34 Suppl 1:e39 PMID: 27643173 09/20/2016
  • Early development of podocyte injury independently of hyperglycemia and elevations in arterial pressure in nondiabetic obese Dahl SS leptin receptor mutant rats. (McPherson KC, Taylor L, Johnson AC, Didion SP, Geurts AM, Garrett MR, Williams JM) Am J Physiol Renal Physiol 2016 Oct 01;311(4):F793-F804 PMID: 27465994 PMCID: PMC5142236 07/29/2016
  • Gene Editing: Practical Application in the Lab. (Geurts AM, Ekker SC) Hum Gene Ther 2016 Jun;27(6):417-8 PMID: 27322167 PMCID: PMC5583549 06/21/2016
  • p66Shc regulates renal vascular tone in hypertension-induced nephropathy. (Miller B, Palygin O, Rufanova VA, Chong A, Lazar J, Jacob HJ, Mattson D, Roman RJ, Williams JM, Cowley AW Jr, Geurts AM, Staruschenko A, Imig JD, Sorokin A) J Clin Invest 2016 Jul 01;126(7):2533-46 PMID: 27270176 PMCID: PMC4922697 06/09/2016
  • The Human 343delT HSPB5 Chaperone Associated with Early-onset Skeletal Myopathy Causes Defects in Protein Solubility. (Mitzelfelt KA, Limphong P, Choi MJ, Kondrat FD, Lai S, Kolander KD, Kwok WM, Dai Q, Grzybowski MN, Zhang H, Taylor GM, Lui Q, Thao MT, Hudson JA, Barresi R, Bushby K, Jungbluth H, Wraige E, Geurts AM, Benesch JL, Riedel M, Christians ES, Minella AC, Benjamin IJ) J Biol Chem 2016 07 15;291(29):14939-53 PMID: 27226619 PMCID: PMC4946913 05/27/2016
  • Generation and characterization of rat liver stem cell lines and their engraftment in a rat model of liver failure. (Kuijk EW, Rasmussen S, Blokzijl F, Huch M, Gehart H, Toonen P, Begthel H, Clevers H, Geurts AM, Cuppen E) Sci Rep 2016 Feb 26;6:22154 PMID: 26915950 PMCID: PMC4768167 02/27/2016
  • Ndufc2 Gene Inhibition Is Associated With Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Increased Stroke Susceptibility in an Animal Model of Complex Human Disease. (Rubattu S, Di Castro S, Schulz H, Geurts AM, Cotugno M, Bianchi F, Maatz H, Hummel O, Falak S, Stanzione R, Marchitti S, Scarpino S, Giusti B, Kura A, Gensini GF, Peyvandi F, Mannucci PM, Rasura M, Sciarretta S, Dwinell MR, Hubner N, Volpe M) J Am Heart Assoc 2016 Feb 17;5(2) PMID: 26888427 PMCID: PMC4802485 02/19/2016
  • Chronic central serotonin depletion attenuates ventilation and body temperature in young but not adult Tph2 knockout rats. (Kaplan K, Echert AE, Massat B, Puissant MM, Palygin O, Geurts AM, Hodges MR) J Appl Physiol (1985) 2016 May 01;120(9):1070-81 PMID: 26869713 PMCID: PMC4855209 02/13/2016
  • Potentially diagnostic electron paramagnetic resonance spectra elucidate the underlying mechanism of mitochondrial dysfunction in the deoxyguanosine kinase deficient rat model of a genetic mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome. (Bennett B, Helbling D, Meng H, Jarzembowski J, Geurts AM, Friederich MW, Van Hove JL, Lawlor MW, Dimmock DP) Free Radic Biol Med 2016 Mar;92:141-51 PMID: 26773591 PMCID: PMC5047058 01/17/2016
  • Evidence of the Importance of Nox4 in Production of Hypertension in Dahl Salt-Sensitive Rats. (Cowley AW Jr, Yang C, Zheleznova NN, Staruschenko A, Kurth T, Rein L, Kumar V, Sadovnikov K, Dayton A, Hoffman M, Ryan RP, Skelton MM, Salehpour F, Ranji M, Geurts A) Hypertension 2016 Feb;67(2):440-50 PMID: 26644237 PMCID: PMC4713301 12/09/2015
  • The NRF2 knockout rat: a new animal model to study endothelial dysfunction, oxidant stress, and microvascular rarefaction. (Priestley JR, Kautenburg KE, Casati MC, Endres BT, Geurts AM, Lombard JH) Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 2016 Feb 15;310(4):H478-87 PMID: 26637559 PMCID: PMC4796617 12/08/2015
  • Pappa2 is linked to salt-sensitive hypertension in Dahl S rats. (Cowley AW Jr, Yang C, Kumar V, Lazar J, Jacob H, Geurts AM, Liu P, Dayton A, Kurth T, Liang M) Physiol Genomics 2016 Jan;48(1):62-72 PMID: 26534937 PMCID: PMC4757026 11/05/2015
  • Expression and function of the Scn5a-encoded voltage-gated sodium channel NaV 1.5 in the rat jejunum. (Beyder A, Gibbons SJ, Mazzone A, Strege PR, Saravanaperumal SA, Sha L, Higgins S, Eisenman ST, Bernard CE, Geurts A, Kline CF, Mohler PJ, Farrugia G) Neurogastroenterol Motil 2016 Jan;28(1):64-73 PMID: 26459913 PMCID: PMC4688076 10/16/2015
  • Myosin Id is required for planar cell polarity in ciliated tracheal and ependymal epithelial cells. (Hegan PS, Ostertag E, Geurts AM, Mooseker MS) Cytoskeleton (Hoboken) 2015 Oct;72(10):503-16 PMID: 26446290 PMCID: PMC4715625 10/09/2015
  • Characterization of Dahl salt-sensitive rats with genetic disruption of the A2B adenosine receptor gene: implications for A2B adenosine receptor signaling during hypertension. (Nayak S, Khan MA, Wan TC, Pei H, Linden J, Dwinell MR, Geurts AM, Imig JD, Auchampach JA) Purinergic Signal 2015 Dec;11(4):519-31 PMID: 26385692 PMCID: PMC4648794 09/20/2015
  • Two-photon Imaging of Intracellular Ca2+ Handling and Nitric Oxide Production in Endothelial and Smooth Muscle Cells of an Isolated Rat Aorta. (Endres BT, Staruschenko A, Schulte M, Geurts AM, Palygin O) J Vis Exp 2015 Jun 10(100):e52734 PMID: 26132549 PMCID: PMC4545029 07/02/2015
  • Antithrombin III/SerpinC1 insufficiency exacerbates renal ischemia/reperfusion injury. (Wang F, Zhang G, Lu Z, Geurts AM, Usa K, Jacob HJ, Cowley AW, Wang N, Liang M) Kidney Int 2015 Oct;88(4):796-803 PMID: 26108065 PMCID: PMC4589441 06/25/2015
  • B-Type Natriuretic Peptide Deletion Leads to Progressive Hypertension, Associated Organ Damage, and Reduced Survival: Novel Model for Human Hypertension. (Holditch SJ, Schreiber CA, Nini R, Tonne JM, Peng KW, Geurts A, Jacob HJ, Burnett JC, Cataliotti A, Ikeda Y) Hypertension 2015 Jul;66(1):199-210 PMID: 26063669 PMCID: PMC4467451 06/13/2015
  • 2015 Guidelines for Establishing Genetically Modified Rat Models for Cardiovascular Research. (Flister MJ, Prokop JW, Lazar J, Shimoyama M, Dwinell M, Geurts A, International Committee on Standardized Genetic Nomenclature for Mice, Rat Genome and Nomenclature Committee) J Cardiovasc Transl Res 2015 Jun;8(4):269-77 PMID: 25920443 PMCID: PMC4475456 04/30/2015
  • Efficient CRISPR/Cas9-Mediated Genome Editing in Mice by Zygote Electroporation of Nuclease. (Qin W, Dion SL, Kutny PM, Zhang Y, Cheng AW, Jillette NL, Malhotra A, Geurts AM, Chen YG, Wang H) Genetics 2015 Jun;200(2):423-30 PMID: 25819794 PMCID: PMC4492369 03/31/2015
  • Mutation of SH2B3 (LNK), a genome-wide association study candidate for hypertension, attenuates Dahl salt-sensitive hypertension via inflammatory modulation. (Rudemiller NP, Lund H, Priestley JR, Endres BT, Prokop JW, Jacob HJ, Geurts AM, Cohen EP, Mattson DL) Hypertension 2015 May;65(5):1111-7 PMID: 25776069 PMCID: PMC4412596 03/18/2015
  • SH2B3 Is a Genetic Determinant of Cardiac Inflammation and Fibrosis. (Flister MJ, Hoffman MJ, Lemke A, Prisco SZ, Rudemiller N, O'Meara CC, Tsaih SW, Moreno C, Geurts AM, Lazar J, Adhikari N, Hall JL, Jacob HJ) Circ Cardiovasc Genet 2015 Apr;8(2):294-304 PMID: 25628389 01/30/2015
  • Impaired myogenic response and autoregulation of cerebral blood flow is rescued in CYP4A1 transgenic Dahl salt-sensitive rat. (Fan F, Geurts AM, Murphy SR, Pabbidi MR, Jacob HJ, Roman RJ) Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol 2015 Mar 01;308(5):R379-90 PMID: 25540098 PMCID: PMC4346760 12/30/2014
  • Targeted disruption of Tbc1d20 with zinc-finger nucleases causes cataracts and testicular abnormalities in mice. (Park AK, Liegel RP, Ronchetti A, Ebert AD, Geurts A, Sidjanin DJ) BMC Genet 2014 Dec 05;15:135 PMID: 25476608 PMCID: PMC4266191 12/06/2014
  • Maternal diet during gestation and lactation modifies the severity of salt-induced hypertension and renal injury in Dahl salt-sensitive rats. (Geurts AM, Mattson DL, Liu P, Cabacungan E, Skelton MM, Kurth TM, Yang C, Endres BT, Klotz J, Liang M, Cowley AW Jr) Hypertension 2015 Feb;65(2):447-55 PMID: 25452472 PMCID: PMC4289102 12/03/2014
  • Zinc-finger nuclease knockout of dual-specificity protein phosphatase-5 enhances the myogenic response and autoregulation of cerebral blood flow in FHH.1BN rats. (Fan F, Geurts AM, Pabbidi MR, Smith SV, Harder DR, Jacob H, Roman RJ) PLoS One 2014;9(11):e112878 PMID: 25397684 PMCID: PMC4232417 11/15/2014
  • CXM: a new tool for mapping breast cancer risk in the tumor microenvironment. (Flister MJ, Endres BT, Rudemiller N, Sarkis AB, Santarriaga S, Roy I, Lemke A, Geurts AM, Moreno C, Ran S, Tsaih SW, De Pons J, Carlson DF, Tan W, Fahrenkrug SC, Lazarova Z, Lazar J, North PE, LaViolette PS, Dwinell MB, Shull JD, Jacob HJ) Cancer Res 2014 Nov 15;74(22):6419-29 PMID: 25172839 PMCID: PMC4247541 08/31/2014
  • Mutation of Plekha7 attenuates salt-sensitive hypertension in the rat. (Endres BT, Priestley JR, Palygin O, Flister MJ, Hoffman MJ, Weinberg BD, Grzybowski M, Lombard JH, Staruschenko A, Moreno C, Jacob HJ, Geurts AM) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2014 Sep 02;111(35):12817-22 PMID: 25136115 PMCID: PMC4156702 08/20/2014
  • HV1 acts as a sodium sensor and promotes superoxide production in medullary thick ascending limb of Dahl salt-sensitive rats. (Jin C, Sun J, Stilphen CA, Smith SM, Ocasio H, Bermingham B, Darji S, Guha A, Patel R, Geurts AM, Jacob HJ, Lambert NA, O'Connor PM) Hypertension 2014 Sep;64(3):541-50 PMID: 24935944 PMCID: PMC4324599 06/18/2014
  • Germline transgenesis in pigs by cytoplasmic microinjection of Sleeping Beauty transposons. (Ivics Z, Garrels W, Mátés L, Yau TY, Bashir S, Zidek V, Landa V, Geurts A, Pravenec M, Rülicke T, Kues WA, Izsvák Z) Nat Protoc 2014 Apr;9(4):810-27 PMID: 24625780 03/15/2014
  • Germline transgenesis in rabbits by pronuclear microinjection of Sleeping Beauty transposons. (Ivics Z, Hiripi L, Hoffmann OI, Mátés L, Yau TY, Bashir S, Zidek V, Landa V, Geurts A, Pravenec M, Rülicke T, Bösze Z, Izsvák Z) Nat Protoc 2014 Apr;9(4):794-809 PMID: 24625779 03/15/2014
  • Germline transgenesis in rodents by pronuclear microinjection of Sleeping Beauty transposons. (Ivics Z, Mátés L, Yau TY, Landa V, Zidek V, Bashir S, Hoffmann OI, Hiripi L, Garrels W, Kues WA, Bösze Z, Geurts A, Pravenec M, Rülicke T, Izsvák Z) Nat Protoc 2014 Apr;9(4):773-93 PMID: 24625778 03/15/2014
  • CD247 modulates blood pressure by altering T-lymphocyte infiltration in the kidney. (Rudemiller N, Lund H, Jacob HJ, Geurts AM, Mattson DL, PhysGen Knockout Program) Hypertension 2014 Mar;63(3):559-64 PMID: 24343121 PMCID: PMC3945169 12/18/2013
  • Amelioration of salt-induced vascular dysfunction in mesenteric arteries of Dahl salt-sensitive rats by missense mutation of extracellular superoxide dismutase. (Beyer AM, Raffai G, Weinberg BD, Fredrich K, Rodgers MS, Geurts AM, Jacob HJ, Dwinell MR, Lombard JH) Am J Physiol Heart Circ Physiol 2014 Feb;306(3):H339-47 PMID: 24322611 PMCID: PMC3920146 12/11/2013
  • Identifying multiple causative genes at a single GWAS locus. (Flister MJ, Tsaih SW, O'Meara CC, Endres B, Hoffman MJ, Geurts AM, Dwinell MR, Lazar J, Jacob HJ, Moreno C) Genome Res 2013 Dec;23(12):1996-2002 PMID: 24006081 PMCID: PMC3847770 09/06/2013
  • Gene targeting in NOD mouse embryos using zinc-finger nucleases. (Chen YG, Forsberg MH, Khaja S, Ciecko AE, Hessner MJ, Geurts AM) Diabetes 2014 Jan;63(1):68-74 PMID: 23974926 PMCID: PMC3868049 08/27/2013
  • Rats are the smart choice: Rationale for a renewed focus on rats in behavioral genetics. (Parker CC, Chen H, Flagel SB, Geurts AM, Richards JB, Robinson TE, Solberg Woods LC, Palmer AA) Neuropharmacology 2014 Jan;76 Pt B:250-8 PMID: 23791960 PMCID: PMC3823679 06/25/2013
  • Genetic mutation of recombination activating gene 1 in Dahl salt-sensitive rats attenuates hypertension and renal damage. (Mattson DL, Lund H, Guo C, Rudemiller N, Geurts AM, Jacob H) Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol 2013 Mar 15;304(6):R407-14 PMID: 23364523 PMCID: PMC3602820 02/01/2013
  • Rab38 modulates proteinuria in model of hypertension-associated renal disease. (Rangel-Filho A, Lazar J, Moreno C, Geurts A, Jacob HJ) J Am Soc Nephrol 2013 Feb;24(2):283-92 PMID: 23291471 PMCID: PMC3559491 01/08/2013
  • Heterozygous knockout of transforming growth factor-β1 protects Dahl S rats against high salt-induced renal injury. (Chen CC, Geurts AM, Jacob HJ, Fan F, Roman RJ) Physiol Genomics 2013 Feb 04;45(3):110-8 PMID: 23249995 PMCID: PMC3568879 12/20/2012
  • Transposon-mediated transgenesis, transgenic rescue, and tissue-specific gene expression in rodents and rabbits. (Katter K, Geurts AM, Hoffmann O, Mátés L, Landa V, Hiripi L, Moreno C, Lazar J, Bashir S, Zidek V, Popova E, Jerchow B, Becker K, Devaraj A, Walter I, Grzybowksi M, Corbett M, Filho AR, Hodges MR, Bader M, Ivics Z, Jacob HJ, Pravenec M, Bosze Z, Rülicke T, Izsvák Z) FASEB J 2013 Mar;27(3):930-41 PMID: 23195032 PMCID: PMC3574282 12/01/2012
  • High-throughput phenotyping of avoidance learning in mice discriminates different genotypes and identifies a novel gene. (Maroteaux G, Loos M, van der Sluis S, Koopmans B, Aarts E, van Gassen K, Geurts A, NeuroBSIK Mouse Phenomics Consortium, Largaespada DA, Spruijt BM, Stiedl O, Smit AB, Verhage M) Genes Brain Behav 2012 Oct;11(7):772-84 PMID: 22846151 PMCID: PMC3508728 08/01/2012
  • Increased expression of NAD(P)H oxidase subunit p67(phox) in the renal medulla contributes to excess oxidative stress and salt-sensitive hypertension. (Feng D, Yang C, Geurts AM, Kurth T, Liang M, Lazar J, Mattson DL, O'Connor PM, Cowley AW Jr) Cell Metab 2012 Feb 08;15(2):201-8 PMID: 22326221 PMCID: PMC3280886 02/14/2012
  • Efficient non-viral integration and stable gene expression in multipotent adult progenitor cells. (Wilber A, Ulloa Montoya F, Hammer L, Moriarity BS, Geurts AM, Largaespada DA, Verfaillie CM, McIvor RS, Lakshmipathy U) Stem Cells Int 2011;2011:717069 PMID: 21977042 PMCID: PMC3184415 10/07/2011
  • The emerging role for rat models in gene discovery. (Dwinell MR, Lazar J, Geurts AM) Mamm Genome 2011 Aug;22(7-8):466-75 PMID: 21732192 PMCID: PMC3643810 07/07/2011
  • Exacerbated pulmonary arterial hypertension and right ventricular hypertrophy in animals with loss of function of extracellular superoxide dismutase. (Xu D, Guo H, Xu X, Lu Z, Fassett J, Hu X, Xu Y, Tang Q, Hu D, Somani A, Geurts AM, Ostertag E, Bache RJ, Weir EK, Chen Y) Hypertension 2011 Aug;58(2):303-9 PMID: 21730301 PMCID: PMC3170043 07/07/2011
  • Creation and characterization of a renin knockout rat. (Moreno C, Hoffman M, Stodola TJ, Didier DN, Lazar J, Geurts AM, North PE, Jacob HJ, Greene AS) Hypertension 2011 Mar;57(3):614-9 PMID: 21242461 PMCID: PMC3513323 01/19/2011
  • Disruption of the neuregulin 1 gene in the rat alters HPA axis activity and behavioral responses to environmental stimuli. (Taylor SB, Taylor AR, Markham JA, Geurts AM, Kanaskie BZ, Koenig JI) Physiol Behav 2011 Aug 03;104(2):205-14 PMID: 21092742 PMCID: PMC3081908 11/26/2010
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