Medical College of Wisconsin
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Faculty in the Genomic Sciences and Precision Medicine Center (GSPMC)

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Syed M. Ahmed MD, MPH, DrPH, FAAFPAhmed, Syed M. MD, MPH, DrPH, FAAFPAssociate Provost, Director, ProfessorFamily Medicine
Donald Basel MDBasel, Donald MDChief, Associate ProfessorPediatrics
Christopher Stephen Davis MD, MPHDavis, Christopher Stephen MD, MPHAssistant ProfessorSurgery
William R. Drobyski MDDrobyski, William R. MDProfessorMedicine
Beth A. Drolet MDDrolet, Beth A. MDProfessorDermatology
Melinda R. Dwinell PhDDwinell, Melinda R. PhDCenter Associate Director, Associate ProfessorPhysiology
Michael B. Dwinell PhDDwinell, Michael B. PhDDirector, ProfessorMicrobiology and Immunology
Jennifer Geurts MS, CGCGeurts, Jennifer MS, CGCAssistant Clinical ProfessorSurgery
Quinn H. Hogan MDHogan, Quinn H. MDVice Chair, ProfessorAnesthesiology
Jason A. Jarzembowski MD, PhDJarzembowski, Jason A. MD, PhDVice Chair, Associate ProfessorPathology
Nikki Johnston PhDJohnston, Nikki PhDAssociate ProfessorOtolaryngology
Ulrike P. Kappes MD, PhDKappes, Ulrike P. MD, PhDDirector, Assistant ProfessorMedicine
Joseph E. Kerschner MDKerschner, Joseph E. MDProvost, Executive Vice President, Dean, ProfessorDean
Joohyun Kim MD, PhDKim, Joohyun MD, PhDAssistant ProfessorSurgery
Chien-Wei Lin PhDLin, Chien-Wei PhDAssistant ProfessorInstitute for Health and Equity
Gwen Lomberk PhDLomberk, Gwen PhDAssociate ProfessorSurgery
Subramaniam Malarkannan PhDMalarkannan, Subramaniam PhDProfessorMedicine
Jonathan S. Marchant PhDMarchant, Jonathan S. PhDChair, ProfessorCell Biology, Neurobiology and Anatomy
Mathison, Angela PhDAssistant ProfessorSurgery
Ravindra P. Misra PhDMisra, Ravindra P. PhDDean, ProfessorBiochemistry
Jong-In Park PhDPark, Jong-In PhDProfessorBiochemistry
Juliana Perez Botero MDPerez Botero, Juliana MDAssistant ProfessorMedicine
Janet Sue Rader MDRader, Janet Sue MDChair, ProfessorObstetrics and Gynecology
Sridhar Rao MD, PhDRao, Sridhar MD, PhDAssociate ProfessorPediatrics
Kevin R. Regner MDRegner, Kevin R. MDChief, Associate ProfessorMedicine
John M. Routes MDRoutes, John M. MDChief, ProfessorPediatrics
Christina Runge PhDRunge, Christina PhDAssociate Provost, Chief, ProfessorOtolaryngology
Christopher J. Schultz MDSchultz, Christopher J. MDChair, ProfessorRadiation Oncology
Mary E. Shimoyama PhDShimoyama, Mary E. PhDAssociate ProfessorBiomedical Engineering
Manu Sood MBBSSood, Manu MBBSChief, ProfessorPediatrics
Jonathan R. Thompson MDThompson, Jonathan R. MDAssistant ProfessorMedicine
Raul A. Urrutia MDUrrutia, Raul A. MDCenter Director, ProfessorSurgery
Michael A. Zimmerman MD, FACSZimmerman, Michael A. MD, FACSProfessorSurgery
Michael T. Zimmermann PhDZimmermann, Michael T. PhDDirector, Assistant ProfessorClinical and Translational Science Institute
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