Medical College of Wisconsin
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Faculty with leone in the Bibliography section of their CV

Kirsten M. Beyer PhD, MPHCVAssociate ProfessorInstitute for Health and EquityMedical College of Wisconsin
Laura Cassidy PhDCVProfessorInstitute for Health and EquityMedical College of Wisconsin
Ruth Etzel MD,PhDCVProfessor of EpidemiologySchool of Public HealthUniversity of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Christopher P. Johnson MDCVProfessorSurgeryMedical College of Wisconsin
J. Douglas D. Rizzo MD, MSCVDirector, Center Associate Director, ProfessorMedicineMedical College of Wisconsin
Yuri M. Sheinin MD, PhDCVAssistant ProfessorPathologyMedical College of Wisconsin
Karolyn A. Wanat MDCVAssociate ProfessorDermatologyMedical College of Wisconsin
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