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Publications indexed to the term Patient Selection

1ACR-ABS-ASTRO Practice Parameter for Transperineal Permanent Brachytherapy of Prostate Cancer. (Bittner NHJ, Cox BW, Davis B, King M, Lawton CAF, Merrick GS, Orio P, Ouhib Z, Rossi P, Showalter T, Small W Jr, Schechter NR) Am J Clin Oncol 2022 Jun 01;45(6):249-257       1 Citation
1Evaluation of electronic recruitment efforts of primary care providers as research subjects during the COVID-19 pandemic. (Mazurenko O, Sanner L, Apathy NC, Mamlin BW, Menachemi N, Adams MCB, Hurley RW, Erazo SF, Harle CA) BMC Prim Care 2022 Apr 28;23(1):95    
1Pearls and Pitfalls of Awake Spine Surgery: A Simplified Patient-Selection Algorithm. (Letchuman V, Agarwal N, Mummaneni VP, Wang MY, Shabani S, Patel A, Rivera J, Haddad A, Le V, Chang JM, Chou D, Gandhi S, Mummaneni PV) World Neurosurg 2022 May;161:154-155    
1Combating Structural Inequities - Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Clinical and Translational Research. (Boulware LE, Corbie G, Aguilar-Gaxiola S, Wilkins CH, Ruiz R, Vitale A, Egede LE) N Engl J Med 2022 Jan 20;386(3):201-203       31 Citations
1An analysis of the selection criteria for postgraduate physician assistant residency and fellowship programs in the United States. (Kidd VD, Vanderlinden S, Spisak JM) BMC Med Educ 2021 Dec 16;21(1):621       2 Citations
1Awake spinal surgery: simplifying the learning curve with a patient selection algorithm. (Letchuman V, Agarwal N, Mummaneni VP, Wang MY, Shabani S, Patel A, Rivera J, Haddad AF, Le V, Chang JM, Chou D, Gandhi S, Mummaneni PV) Neurosurg Focus 2021 Dec;51(6):E2       5 Citations
1Efficacy of systemic therapies in men with metastatic castration resistant prostate cancer harboring germline ATM versus BRCA2 mutations. (Sokolova AO, Marshall CH, Lozano R, Gulati R, Ledet EM, De Sarkar N, Grivas P, Higano CS, Montgomery B, Nelson PS, Olmos D, Sokolov V, Schweizer MT, Yezefski TA, Yu EY, Paller CJ, Sartor O, Castro E, Antonarakis ES, Cheng HH) Prostate 2021 Dec;81(16):1382-1389       6 Citations
2A novel preoperative risk score to guide patient selection for resection of soft tissue sarcoma lung metastases: An analysis from the United States Sarcoma Collaborative. (Lee RM, Ethun CG, Gamboa AC, Turgeon MK, Tran T, Poultsides G, Grignol V, Bedi M, Mogal H, Clarke CN, Tseng J, Roggin KK, Chouliaras K, Votanopoulos K, Krasnick BA, Fields RC, Oskouei SV, Monson DK, Reimer NB, Maithel SK, Pickens A, Cardona K) J Surg Oncol 2021 Dec;124(8):1477-1484       5 Citations
2ISHLT consensus statement for the selection and management of pediatric and congenital heart disease patients on ventricular assist devices Endorsed by the American Heart Association. (Lorts A, Conway J, Schweiger M, Adachi I, Amdani S, Auerbach SR, Barr C, Bleiweis MS, Blume ED, Burstein DS, Cedars A, Chen S, Cousino-Hood MK, Daly KP, Danziger-Isakov LA, Dubyk N, Eastaugh L, Friedland-Little J, Gajarski R, Hasan A, Hawkins B, Jeewa A, Kindel SJ, Kogaki S, Lantz J, Law SP, Maeda K, Mathew J, May LJ, Miera O, Murray J, Niebler RA, O'Connor MJ, Özbaran M, Peng DM, Philip J, Reardon LC, Rosenthal DN, Rossano J, Salazar L, Schumacher KR, Simpson KE, Stiller B, Sutcliffe DL, Tunuguntla H, VanderPluym C, Villa C, Wearden PD, Zafar F, Zimpfer D, Zinn MD, Morales IRD, Cowger J, Buchholz H, Amodeo A) J Heart Lung Transplant 2021 Aug;40(8):709-732       18 Citations
1Do histone deacytelase inhibitors and azacitidine combination hold potential as an effective treatment for high/very-high risk myelodysplastic syndromes? (Badar T, Atallah E) Expert Opin Investig Drugs 2021 Jun;30(6):665-673       2 Citations
1KDOQI US Commentary on the 2020 KDIGO Clinical Practice Guideline on the Evaluation and Management of Candidates for Kidney Transplantation. (Puttarajappa CM, Schinstock CA, Wu CM, Leca N, Kumar V, Vasudev BS, Hariharan S) Am J Kidney Dis 2021 Jun;77(6):833-856       5 Citations
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1Cancer of Unknown Primary in the Molecular Era. (Kato S, Alsafar A, Walavalkar V, Hainsworth J, Kurzrock R) Trends Cancer 2021 May;7(5):465-477       15 Citations
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1Triage Considerations for Patients Referred for Structural Heart Disease Intervention During the COVID-19 Pandemic: An ACC/SCAI Position Statement. (Shah PB, Welt FGP, Mahmud E, Phillips A, Kleiman NS, Young MN, Sherwood M, Batchelor W, Wang DD, Davidson L, Wyman J, Kadavath S, Szerlip M, Hermiller J, Fullerton D, Anwaruddin S, American College of Cardiology and the Society for Cardiovascular Angiography and Interventions) JACC Cardiovasc Interv 2020 Jun 22;13(12):1484-1488       72 Citations
1What is the Optimal Preoperative Imaging Modality for Assessing Peritoneal Cancer Index? An Analysis From the United States HIPEC Collaborative. (Lee RM, Zaidi MY, Gamboa AC, Speegle S, Kimbrough CW, Cloyd JM, Leiting JL, Grotz TE, Lee AJ, Fournier KF, Powers BD, Dineen SP, Baumgartner J, Veerapong J, Clarke CN, Sussman JJ, Patel S, Hendrix RJ, Lambert LA, Vande Walle KA, Abbott DE, LaRocca CJ, Raoof M, Fackche N, Johnston FM, Staley CA, Maithel SK, Russell MC) Clin Colorectal Cancer 2020 Mar;19(1):e1-e7       12 Citations
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