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Publications indexed to the term Species Specificity

2The Year of the Rat: The Rat Genome Database at 20: a multi-species knowledgebase and analysis platform. (Smith JR, Hayman GT, Wang SJ, Laulederkind SJF, Hoffman MJ, Kaldunski ML, Tutaj M, Thota J, Nalabolu HS, Ellanki SLR, Tutaj MA, De Pons JL, Kwitek AE, Dwinell MR, Shimoyama ME) Nucleic Acids Res 2020 01 08;48(D1):D731-D742       4 Citations
1Descriptive epidemiology of snakebites in the Veraguas province of Panama, 2007-2008. (Pecchio M, Suárez JA, Hesse S, Hersh AM, Gundacker ND) Trans R Soc Trop Med Hyg 2018 10 01;112(10):463-466       1 Citation
1Mercury, Polychlorinated Biphenyls, Selenium, and Fatty Acids in Tribal Fish Harvests of the Upper Great Lakes. (Dellinger MJ, Olson JT, Holub BJ, Ripley MP) Risk Anal 2018 10;38(10):2029-2040       3 Citations
1Genome variation and conserved regulation identify genomic regions responsible for strain specific phenotypes in rat. (Martín-Gálvez D, Dunoyer de Segonzac D, Ma MCJ, Kwitek AE, Thybert D, Flicek P) BMC Genomics 2017 12 22;18(1):986    
1Species differences and mechanism of action of A3 adenosine receptor allosteric modulators. (Du L, Gao ZG, Paoletta S, Wan TC, Gizewski ET, Barbour S, van Veldhoven JPD, IJzerman AP, Jacobson KA, Auchampach JA) Purinergic Signal 2018 03;14(1):59-71       5 Citations
1Contribution of independent and pleiotropic genetic effects in the metabolic syndrome in a hypertensive rat. (Ma MCJ, Pettus JM, Jakoubek JA, Traxler MG, Clark KC, Mennie AK, Kwitek AE) PLoS One 2017;12(8):e0182650       3 Citations
1TRPV4 ion channel is a novel regulator of dermal myofibroblast differentiation. (Sharma S, Goswami R, Merth M, Cohen J, Lei KY, Zhang DX, Rahaman SO) Am J Physiol Cell Physiol 2017 May 01;312(5):C562-C572       22 Citations
6p66Shc regulates renal vascular tone in hypertension-induced nephropathy. (Miller B, Palygin O, Rufanova VA, Chong A, Lazar J, Jacob HJ, Mattson D, Roman RJ, Williams JM, Cowley AW Jr, Geurts AM, Staruschenko A, Imig JD, Sorokin A) J Clin Invest 2016 07 01;126(7):2533-46       14 Citations
1The Disease Portals, disease-gene annotation and the RGD disease ontology at the Rat Genome Database. (Hayman GT, Laulederkind SJ, Smith JR, Wang SJ, Petri V, Nigam R, Tutaj M, De Pons J, Dwinell MR, Shimoyama M) Database (Oxford) 2016;2016       10 Citations
1Skeletal Muscle Pathology in X-Linked Myotubular Myopathy: Review With Cross-Species Comparisons. (Lawlor MW, Beggs AH, Buj-Bello A, Childers MK, Dowling JJ, James ES, Meng H, Moore SA, Prasad S, Schoser B, Sewry CA) J Neuropathol Exp Neurol 2016 Feb;75(2):102-10       25 Citations
1Genetic Structure of a Local Population of the Anopheles gambiae Complex in Burkina Faso. (Markianos K, Bischoff E, Mitri C, Guelbeogo WM, Gneme A, Eiglmeier K, Holm I, Sagnon N, Vernick KD, Riehle MM) PLoS One 2016;11(1):e0145308       5 Citations
2Structural basis for PECAM-1 homophilic binding. (Paddock C, Zhou D, Lertkiatmongkol P, Newman PJ, Zhu J) Blood 2016 Feb 25;127(8):1052-61       25 Citations
1Microarray Determination of the Expression of Drug Transporters in Humans and Animal Species Used for the Investigation of Nasal Absorption. (Al-Ghabeish M, Scheetz T, Assem M, Donovan MD) Mol Pharm 2015 Aug 03;12(8):2742-54       13 Citations
1Single Amino Acid Variation Underlies Species-Specific Sensitivity to Amphibian Skin-Derived Opioid-like Peptides. (Vardy E, Sassano MF, Rennekamp AJ, Kroeze WK, Mosier PD, Westkaemper RB, Stevens CW, Katritch V, Stevens RC, Peterson RT, Roth BL) Chem Biol 2015 Jun 18;22(6):764-75       7 Citations
22015 Guidelines for Establishing Genetically Modified Rat Models for Cardiovascular Research. (Flister MJ, Prokop JW, Lazar J, Shimoyama M, Dwinell M, Geurts A, International Committee on Standardized Genetic Nomenclature for Mice, Rat Genome and Nomenclature Committee) J Cardiovasc Transl Res 2015 Jun;8(4):269-77       16 Citations
4RNASeq-derived transcriptome comparisons reveal neuromodulatory deficiency in the CO₂ insensitive brown Norway rat. (Puissant MM, Echert AE, Yang C, Mouradian GC Jr, Novotny T, Liu P, Liang M, Hodges MR) J Physiol 2015 01 15;593(2):415-30       10 Citations
3Enhancement of resting-state fcMRI networks by prior sensory stimulation. (Li C, Li Z, Ward BD, Dwinell MR, Lombard JH, Hudetz AG, Pawela CP) Brain Connect 2014 Nov;4(9):760-8       4 Citations
1CD4+ and CD8+ T cell activation are associated with HIV DNA in resting CD4+ T cells. (Cockerham LR, Siliciano JD, Sinclair E, O'Doherty U, Palmer S, Yukl SA, Strain MC, Chomont N, Hecht FM, Siliciano RF, Richman DD, Deeks SG) PLoS One 2014;9(10):e110731       54 Citations
1Factors correlating with significant differences between X-ray structures of myoglobin. (Rashin AA, Domagalski MJ, Zimmermann MT, Minor W, Chruszcz M, Jernigan RL) Acta Crystallogr D Biol Crystallogr 2014 Feb;70(Pt 2):481-91       5 Citations
1Identification of candidate B-lymphoma genes by cross-species gene expression profiling. (Tompkins VS, Han SS, Olivier A, Syrbu S, Bair T, Button A, Jacobus L, Wang Z, Lifton S, Raychaudhuri P, Morse HC 3rd, Weiner G, Link B, Smith BJ, Janz S) PLoS One 2013;8(10):e76889       5 Citations
2Targeting the endothelial progenitor cell surface proteome to identify novel mechanisms that mediate angiogenic efficacy in a rodent model of vascular disease. (Kaczorowski CC, Stodola TJ, Hoffmann BR, Prisco AR, Liu PY, Didier DN, Karcher JR, Liang M, Jacob HJ, Greene AS) Physiol Genomics 2013 Nov 01;45(21):999-1011       13 Citations
1Nitric oxide synthase domain interfaces regulate electron transfer and calmodulin activation. (Smith BC, Underbakke ES, Kulp DW, Schief WR, Marletta MA) Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A 2013 Sep 17;110(38):E3577-86       62 Citations
1Do variations in mast cell hyperplasia account for differences in radiation-induced lung injury among different mouse strains, rats and nonhuman primates? (Down JD, Medhora M, Jackson IL, Cline JM, Vujaskovic Z) Radiat Res 2013 Aug;180(2):216-21       4 Citations
1Combinatorial pooling enables selective sequencing of the barley gene space. (Lonardi S, Duma D, Alpert M, Cordero F, Beccuti M, Bhat PR, Wu Y, Ciardo G, Alsaihati B, Ma Y, Wanamaker S, Resnik J, Bozdag S, Luo MC, Close TJ) PLoS Comput Biol 2013 Apr;9(4):e1003010       14 Citations
1Differential gene expression associated with dietary methylmercury (MeHg) exposure in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) and zebrafish (Danio rerio). (Liu Q, Basu N, Goetz G, Jiang N, Hutz RJ, Tonellato PJ, Carvan MJ 3rd) Ecotoxicology 2013 May;22(4):740-51       16 Citations
1A competitive infection model of hematogenously disseminated candidiasis in mice redefines the role of Candida albicans IRS4 in pathogenesis. (Raman SB, Nguyen MH, Cheng S, Badrane H, Iczkowski KA, Wegener M, Gaffen SL, Mitchell AP, Clancy CJ) Infect Immun 2013 May;81(5):1430-8       6 Citations
1No evidence for positive selection at two potential targets for malaria transmission-blocking vaccines in Anopheles gambiae s.s. (Crawford JE, Rottschaefer SM, Coulibaly B, Sacko M, Niaré O, Riehle MM, Traore SF, Vernick KD, Lazzaro BP) Infect Genet Evol 2013 Jun;16:87-92       2 Citations
2Soluble epoxide hydrolase inhibition and peroxisome proliferator activated receptor γ agonist improve vascular function and decrease renal injury in hypertensive obese rats. (Imig JD, Walsh KA, Hye Khan MA, Nagasawa T, Cherian-Shaw M, Shaw SM, Hammock BD) Exp Biol Med (Maywood) 2012 Dec;237(12):1402-12       45 Citations
1On the specificity of heparin/heparan sulfate binding to proteins. Anion-binding sites on antithrombin and thrombin are fundamentally different. (Mosier PD, Krishnasamy C, Kellogg GE, Desai UR) PLoS One 2012;7(11):e48632       33 Citations
1Twice daily melatonin peaks in Siberian but not Syrian hamsters under 24 h light:dark:light:dark cycles. (Raiewski EE, Elliott JA, Evans JA, Glickman GL, Gorman MR) Chronobiol Int 2012 Nov;29(9):1206-15       11 Citations
1Strain-specific variation in murine natural killer gene complex contributes to differences in immunosurveillance for urethane-induced lung cancer. (Kreisel D, Gelman AE, Higashikubo R, Lin X, Vikis HG, White JM, Toth KA, Deshpande C, Carreno BM, You M, Taffner SM, Yokoyama WM, Bui JD, Schreiber RD, Krupnick AS) Cancer Res 2012 Sep 01;72(17):4311-7       18 Citations
1Comparative analysis of P2-type remnant prophage loci in Xenorhabdus bovienii and Xenorhabdus nematophila required for xenorhabdicin production. (Morales-Soto N, Gaudriault S, Ogier JC, Thappeta KR, Forst S) FEMS Microbiol Lett 2012 Aug;333(1):69-76       14 Citations
3Acute and chronic effects of carotid body denervation on ventilation and chemoreflexes in three rat strains. (Mouradian GC, Forster HV, Hodges MR) J Physiol 2012 Jul 15;590(14):3335-47       31 Citations
2Intestinal microbiota as novel biomarkers of prior radiation exposure. (Lam V, Moulder JE, Salzman NH, Dubinsky EA, Andersen GL, Baker JE) Radiat Res 2012 May;177(5):573-83       38 Citations
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1Interaction between the biotin carboxyl carrier domain and the biotin carboxylase domain in pyruvate carboxylase from Rhizobium etli. (Lietzan AD, Menefee AL, Zeczycki TN, Kumar S, Attwood PV, Wallace JC, Cleland WW, St Maurice M) Biochemistry 2011 Nov 15;50(45):9708-23       31 Citations
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1Legacy effects overwhelm the short-term effects of exotic plant invasion and restoration on soil microbial community structure, enzyme activities, and nitrogen cycling. (Elgersma KJ, Ehrenfeld JG, Yu S, Vor T) Oecologia 2011 Nov;167(3):733-45       73 Citations
1Detection of a single identical cytomegalovirus (CMV) strain in recently seroconverted young women. (Murthy S, Hayward GS, Wheelan S, Forman MS, Ahn JH, Pass RF, Arav-Boger R) PLoS One 2011 Jan 10;6(1):e15949       16 Citations
2Repeated N-acetyl cysteine reduces cocaine seeking in rodents and craving in cocaine-dependent humans. (Amen SL, Piacentine LB, Ahmad ME, Li SJ, Mantsch JR, Risinger RC, Baker DA) Neuropsychopharmacology 2011 Mar;36(4):871-8       97 Citations
1Effect of the data sampling rate on accuracy of indices for heart rate and blood pressure variability and baroreflex function in resting rats and mice. (Bhatia V, Rarick KR, Stauss HM) Physiol Meas 2010 Sep;31(9):1185-201       19 Citations
3Differential activation of pontomedullary nuclei by acid perfusion of different regions of the esophagus. (Lang IM, Medda BK, Shaker R) Brain Res 2010 Sep 17;1352:94-107       5 Citations
1Anaplastic plasmacytoma of mouse--establishing parallels between subtypes of mouse and human plasma cell neoplasia. (de Jong D, Janz S) J Pathol 2010 Jul;221(3):242-7    
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1Twists and turns in the search for the elusive renin processing enzyme: focus on "Cathepsin B is not the processing enzyme for mouse prorenin". (Gross KW, Gomez RA, Sigmund CD) Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol 2010 May;298(5):R1209-11       4 Citations
1Heterogeneous stock rats: a new model to study the genetics of renal phenotypes. (Solberg Woods LC, Stelloh C, Regner KR, Schwabe T, Eisenhauer J, Garrett MR) Am J Physiol Renal Physiol 2010 Jun;298(6):F1484-91       20 Citations
1Cloning and validation of novel miRNA from basmati rice indicates cross talk between abiotic and biotic stresses. (Sanan-Mishra N, Kumar V, Sopory SK, Mukherjee SK) Mol Genet Genomics 2009 Nov;282(5):463-74       58 Citations
1Online tools for understanding rat physiology. (Dwinell MR) Brief Bioinform 2010 Jul;11(4):431-9       14 Citations
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1Two compensatory pathways maintain long-term stability and diversity in CD8 T cell memory repertoires. (Naumova EN, Gorski J, Naumov YN) J Immunol 2009 Aug 15;183(4):2851-8       16 Citations
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