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Piero G. Antuono MD

Piero G. Antuono MD


Institution: Medical College of Wisconsin
Department: Neurology
Division: General

Member of the Neuroscience Research Center


  • Late-life depression, mild cognitive impairment and hippocampal functional network architecture. (Xie C, Li W, Chen G, Ward BD, Franczak MB, Jones JL, Antuono PG, Li SJ, Goveas JS) Neuroimage Clin 2013;3:311-20 PMID: 24273715 PMCID: PMC3814948 11/26/2013
  • Functional network endophenotypes unravel the effects of apolipoprotein E epsilon 4 in middle-aged adults. (Goveas JS, Xie C, Chen G, Li W, Ward BD, Franczak MB, Jones JL, Antuono PG, Li SJ) PLoS One 2013;8(2):e55902 PMID: 23424640 PMCID: PMC3570545 02/21/2013
  • The co-existence of geriatric depression and amnestic mild cognitive impairment detrimentally affect gray matter volumes: voxel-based morphometry study. (Xie C, Li W, Chen G, Douglas Ward B, Franczak MB, Jones JL, Antuono PG, Li SJ, Goveas JS) Behav Brain Res 2012 Dec 01;235(2):244-50 PMID: 22909988 PMCID: PMC3561929 08/23/2012
  • A clustering-based method to detect functional connectivity differences. (Chen G, Ward BD, Xie C, Li W, Chen G, Goveas JS, Antuono PG, Li SJ) Neuroimage 2012 May 15;61(1):56-61 PMID: 22405733 PMCID: PMC3342474 03/13/2012
  • Changes in regional cerebral blood flow and functional connectivity in the cholinergic pathway associated with cognitive performance in subjects with mild Alzheimer's disease after 12-week donepezil treatment. (Li W, Antuono PG, Xie C, Chen G, Jones JL, Ward BD, Franczak MB, Goveas JS, Li SJ) Neuroimage 2012 Apr 02;60(2):1083-91 PMID: 22245641 PMCID: PMC3324180 01/17/2012
  • Recovery of hippocampal network connectivity correlates with cognitive improvement in mild Alzheimer's disease patients treated with donepezil assessed by resting-state fMRI. (Goveas JS, Xie C, Ward BD, Wu Z, Li W, Franczak M, Jones JL, Antuono PG, Li SJ) J Magn Reson Imaging 2011 Oct;34(4):764-73 PMID: 21769962 PMCID: PMC3177015 07/20/2011
  • Neural basis of the association between depressive symptoms and memory deficits in nondemented subjects: resting-state fMRI study. (Xie C, Goveas J, Wu Z, Li W, Chen G, Franczak M, Antuono PG, Jones JL, Zhang Z, Li SJ) Hum Brain Mapp 2012 Jun;33(6):1352-63 PMID: 21618660 PMCID: PMC3190573 05/28/2011
  • Neural correlates of the interactive relationship between memory deficits and depressive symptoms in nondemented elderly: resting fMRI study. (Goveas J, Xie C, Wu Z, Douglas Ward B, Li W, Franczak MB, Jones JL, Antuono PG, Yang Z, Li SJ) Behav Brain Res 2011 Jun 01;219(2):205-12 PMID: 21238490 PMCID: PMC3062733 01/18/2011
  • Perfusion fMRI detects deficits in regional CBF during memory-encoding tasks in MCI subjects. (Xu G, Antuono PG, Jones J, Xu Y, Wu G, Ward D, Li SJ) Neurology 2007 Oct 23;69(17):1650-6 PMID: 17954780 10/24/2007
  • Proton magnetic resonance spectroscopy of the hippocampus in patients with mild cognitive impairment: a pilot study. (Franczak M, Prost RW, Antuono PG, Mark LP, Jones JL, Ulmer JL) J Comput Assist Tomogr 2007 Sep-Oct;31(5):666-70 PMID: 17895774 09/27/2007
  • Task-modulation of functional synchrony between spontaneous low-frequency oscillations in the human brain detected by fMRI. (Xu G, Xu Y, Wu G, Antuono PG, Hammeke TA, Li SJ) Magn Reson Med 2006 Jul;56(1):41-50 PMID: 16767759 06/13/2006
  • Alzheimer Disease: evaluation of a functional MR imaging index as a marker. (Li SJ, Li Z, Wu G, Zhang MJ, Franczak M, Antuono PG) Radiology 2002 Oct;225(1):253-9 PMID: 12355013 10/02/2002
  • Decreased glutamate + glutamine in Alzheimer's disease detected in vivo with (1)H-MRS at 0.5 T. (Antuono PG, Jones JL, Wang Y, Li SJ) Neurology 2001 Mar 27;56(6):737-42 PMID: 11274307 03/29/2001
  • A treatment and withdrawal trial of besipirdine in Alzheimer disease. (Huff FJ, Antuono PG, Delagandara JE, McDonald MA, Cutler NR, Cohen SR, Green RC, Zemlan FP, Crismon ML, Alter M, Shipley JE, Reichman WE) Alzheimer Dis Assoc Disord 1996;10(2):93-102 PMID: 8727171 01/01/1996
  • Effectiveness and safety of velnacrine for the treatment of Alzheimer's disease. A double-blind, placebo-controlled study. Mentane Study Group. (Antuono PG) Arch Intern Med 1995 Sep 11;155(16):1766-72 PMID: 7654110 09/11/1995
  • Leukocyte hexokinase activity in aging and Alzheimer disease. (Antuono PG, Ravanelli-Meyer J, Nicholson K, Bloom AS) Dementia 1995 Jul-Aug;6(4):200-4 PMID: 7550599 07/01/1995
  • Correlation of neuronal cell body size in motor cortex and hippocampus with body height, body weight, and axonal length. (Ho KC, Gwozdz JT, Hause LL, Antuono PG) Int J Neurosci 1992 Jul-Aug;65(1-4):147-53 PMID: 1341676 07/01/1992
  • Correlation of computed tomography and postmortem findings of a diffuse astrocytoma: a case report. (Carter DJ, Wiedmeyer DA, Antuono PG, Ho KC) Comput Med Imaging Graph 1989 Nov-Dec;13(6):491-4 PMID: 2598161 11/01/1989
  • Alzheimer disease: quantitative analysis of I-123-iodoamphetamine SPECT brain imaging. (Hellman RS, Tikofsky RS, Collier BD, Hoffmann RG, Palmer DW, Glatt SL, Antuono PG, Isitman AT, Papke RA) Radiology 1989 Jul;172(1):183-8 PMID: 2787034 07/01/1989
  • The development of daytime rearing behavior in methylazoxymethanol-treated rats: methodological considerations. (Sanberg PR, Henault MA, Moran TH, Antuono PG, Coyle JT) Behav Brain Res 1987 Aug;25(2):97-100 PMID: 3675829 08/01/1987
  • Methylazoxymethanol acetate cortical hypoplasia alters the pattern of stimulation-induced behavior in neonatal rats. (Moran TH, Sanberg PR, Antuono PG, Coyle JT) Brain Res 1986 Jun;392(1-2):235-42 PMID: 3486698 06/01/1986
  • Nicotinic acetylcholine binding sites in Alzheimer's disease. (Whitehouse PJ, Martino AM, Antuono PG, Lowenstein PR, Coyle JT, Price DL, Kellar KJ) Brain Res 1986 Apr 16;371(1):146-51 PMID: 3708340 04/16/1986
  • Regional heterogeneity of choline acetyltransferase activity in primate neocortex. (Lehmann J, Struble RG, Antuono PG, Coyle JT, Cork LC, Price DL) Brain Res 1984 Nov 26;322(2):361-4 PMID: 6509325 11/26/1984
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